Comments about Lil' Rider Cruisin' Coupe Battery Operated Classic Car with Remote

Lil' Rider Cruisin' Coupe Battery Operated Classic Car with Remote

Go back in time with the Lil Rider Cruisin' Coupe Battery Operated Classic Car! Your little one will have hours of enjoyment cruising around just like mom and dad in their very own classic car. Use the remote control or let your child take the wheel. Kids seem to never run out of energy and now, with the easily rechargeable battery, neither will their new favorite car. With working lights, an mp3 player, horn and more, your little greaser or pin-up girl will be the talk of the town!

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So hopefully my review helps some parents out there.

My wife and I ordered this cool little car for our sons 1st birthday. I think I was more excited than him until he seen it. Instantly he knew exactly what it was. He was getting into the car before the wheels were even put on.

A few questions I had prior to buying that no one really answered are below.

1. will this be a good fit for my 1 year old? So far mine loves it. At first he was startled by the sound of the electric car, but after a few minutes of using the remote control while holding him he was very interested in it.

2. fitment issues? will my kid fit? My son is 23lbs @ 12 months old and 24in tall. He can touch the pedal in it almost. I have seen him reach down a few times to do the pedal (when the seat belt was off) he also is able to use the steering wheel

3. how long does the battery last? well, we did NOT charge it at first arrival, it lasted us almost 2 hours of driving on the driveway. Obviously if you drive it in the grass (which it can) then your forcing the battery to run more power to the motor. The car is 1 wheel drive so it saves some battery there. With a full charge (i let it charge overnight) We played for a few hours outside until he got sleepy. The car has working headlights, front grill display lights up, plays music and more. It is 6 volts, it has a power and negative terminal under the rear seat, I'm sure you can find a larger battery online for a few dollars if you plan to drive the car more without charging it

4. i read a review that the car has no traction: this is somewhat true. IF you attempt to drive the car without a baby in the seat then you will have a burnout here and there. Keep in mind it is 1 wheel drive (back right) so if there is no weight then obviously on anything without a ruff surface (my kitchen wood floor) it will have traction issues. It drive very nice on our driveway as well as uncut grass (4-5in tall) for quite some time as mentioned before

5. how fast does it go? maybe 1-3 mph from what I saw. Once again if you have a baby that weighs more than my son I am sure that could be slower or faster going up or down hill. It is fast enough that my son jumps a little at take off. I cant imagine going any faster right now at this age

5. overall, you cant beat this car for the price. It does everything so far that I was hoping for. I am hoping it lasts a long time. The assembly took maybe 5 minutes, you put on 4 wheels and connect the battery and apply stickers. It really was straight forward.. instructions was included but it was not needed.

So, my child is almost 2 now. We are still using this car!!!! I assembled it one time, have yet to tighten or fix anything on it.

I recently noticed with the gained baby weight the little car didn't have as much pick up as before.

I decided to buy a replacement battery. I upgraded the battery to "Casil Genuine CA1240 12V 4Ah SLA Alarm Battery"

This cost me $12 and took 5 minutes to install. The car still charges with the default stock charger, no modifications needed.

What I gained out of it, a car that can literally run for hours without a charge, it is much more powerful now. It Flys through the grass. It can do a few mpg faster now vs. The previous crawling speed.

- first install, I noticed the battery had a order (electric smell) but that went away after a few hours.

Now let me clear, my husband and I love this car! The look is awesome, we area car show family and can't wait to load it up with us this car show season! The functions on the car work great: headlights, horns and bonus lights. It drives nice no problem with pavement, gets slower in grass as to be expected but still runs great. Shipped with prime and the box was in great shape.
Now the problems first, there was some damage to our car: missing screws, broken screw holes and one screw for seat was drilled twice and doesn't hold down thee seat perfect. Thankfully we are a car family so all the problems were minor fixes. Second, the cars bumper was scratched up like it was used? This didn't happen during shipping my box was in pristine condition from delivery. One of the frame braces in the back has a broken screw hole and still trying to figure it out, Do not like how the battery is under seat with no access without unscrewing seat. We were looking at buying a spare battery for quick changes, this complicates it because you have to take out seat, unscrew battery strap and plus they hot glued the black wire down so we will have to figure a solution to solve that. The instructions were not that great, it did arrive mostly together and easy to assemble wheels. The steering wheel we installed upside down because the way the wiring goes if installed correctly would pull the wires and possible tear them. The turn signals arrows on steering wheel are not turn signals all three buttons work the horn only.
WORST FEATURE!!!! PARENTAL CONTROLS ARE IN PLAIN SIGHT AND VERY EASILY OVERRIDED BY CHILD! Child can also continue to use wheel while in parental mode just something to watch out for.
MP3 player works speakers are not great and volume is very quiet, hard to hear over running the car (BTW I have very sensitive ears, I don't like high volumes and I had to crank it all the way up), also no place to put mp3 player, just hangs there. My husband is going to modify a clamp under the dash to keep away from our son.
The video isn't great but it is something:
Overall great product worth the money, things on wish list: better battery (very small around 2"x5"), clearer instructions with frame braces and extra screws just sitting in body, strange hole in battery compartment (looks like there should be a cover, unsure?), parental override button hidden or not in reach.
The size is great our son is 11 months old and yes on the small side but still large for him, can't reach the pedals yet maybe next year.

Great vehicle no matter the price! Had no problems with tracking. Makes it up most wheelchair ramps at corners. Will take steeper grade Ramps at an angle. Moves a little slower but goes through grass! Easy to put together. tested the distance of the remote up to 100 feet I stopped there ran out of sidewalk. Would highly recommend. Kid is only 7months and loves it!

Its a great car!!! I bout it for my 19 month old grandchild. She absolutely loves it!!! I think the reviews are wayyyyyy to harsh on this vehicle. Its easy to assemble and the charge lasts a while~

I bought this for my 1 year old daughter, who seemed rather infatuated with an old, non-working non-remote-controlled toy car that only moved when I picked up the front and pulled it around. As that was somewhat tiring, I figured this would be the perfect thing for her.

So I got it, put her in, strapped her down, and fired it up. Her reaction was profound, uncontrollable apathy. As the car moved around and I shouted with excitement, she just stared at me as if to say "What part of your mind figured this would be fun for me?" Apparently she's only having fun when daddy is wearing himself out with physical exertion. I have no doubt she'll grow to have fun with it, but for now it'll be assigned to annoying the cat.

There are some differences between the product I received and the description:

The remote. The controls are more like a regular remote controlled car, rather than the buttons shown in the picture. I was pleased with this.

There is a seatbelt, which again I am pleased with.

There is no MP3 player, though there is an audio jack for one, as well as a volume control. There are buttons on the steering wheel that appear to be for controlling an MP3 player, as well as a horn button. All of the buttons are for the horn. I haven't tried it. Not an issue with me.

When you first turn it on, it makes engine noises and multi-colored LEDs around the grill flash. It's kinda cool, though after a few seconds it stops and doesn't repeat.

I'm not thrilled with my 1 year old daughter being referred to as a "pin-up girl" in the product description, but after looking at the instructions, I can see that English is still a deep, dark mystery to the manufacturer, and thus can be forgiven.

As other reviewers have pointed out, you aren't likely to be overwhelmed with the traction, especially when the car is empty. A few rubber bands around the drive wheel will solve the traction issue. The turning radius isn't great either. You can still maneuver it inside a house, but you'll be doing a lot of back and forth turning...unless you live in a huge mansion, in which case you'll be paying someone to run the remote, and your child will probably be paying another child to ride in it.

If you are even slightly mechanically inclined, the instructions will be hilarious. If not, you will discover new heights of frustration that will accelerate your path to true enlightenment...or make you toss the whole thing through a window. If you have a lot of trouble putting a cell phone in an Otterbox, I suggest you find someone else to assemble this. I actually put the steering wheel on upside down, which I discovered later when installing the stickers. It doesn't affect anything, and I'm lazy, so everybody wins!

It uses a small 6v SLA battery. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but probably not long. It would be easy to put a larger battery inside, if one so desires, but I have a feeling most children will become bored, hungry, or tired before the battery gets too low. The stock battery is fairly easy and cheap to replace, but swapping batteries in the middle of play isn't really practical.

The steering is done by a motor and gearbox attached to the steering shaft. This means it doesn't steer quickly, the wheels won't center themselves automatically, and a little extra effort will be required to manually turn the steering wheel, which will be good for building upper body strength in your young ones.

It appears more assembly is required underneath the car, as there are screws and bars that don't seem to be doing anything other than waiting to be connected. Whether this is supposed to happen at the factory, or by the customer, will be a mystery for archaeologists to solve 1,000 years from now. Since they don't seem to do any harm, and don't seem to good, I left them alone after making sure they aren't going to fall off and provide yummy-but-dangerous treats for my little sweetheart.

A few reviewers have complained about the switches being accessible to the child. They are. So, uh, I don't know. The most catastrophic thing my daughter can do is switch the car from remote to manual, thus gaining the ability to drive the car herself, assuming she could reach the 'gas' pedal and had developed enough to understand how to steer...right now she just smacks the steering wheel and yells at nothing, which is good training for actual driving in Southern California. I'm not sure where the concern is. Unless your right up next to traffic, cliffs, or fast moving bodies of water, it's unlikely this car can be driven into danger before you could catch it. If this is a huge worry for someone, it wouldn't be hard to pull the switch out and hard wire it to a setting of your choosing, or put a screw in the switch to keep it from moving.

Overall, this is a durable toy. The parts most likely to fail (due to complexity and moving parts) are the remote steering box, the drive motor, and the remote, and they all seem pretty solid. The steering box can be repaired or replaced, and the driver motor can be replaced, and you would still have a very fun, functional toy. The battery is replaceable for minimal cost and trouble. I have no doubt she will outgrow it long before it shows any significant wear.

Folks may complain about its shortcomings, but lets not forget the price point. The next cheapest car like this is twice as much, and most are 3 to 4 times as expensive. You get a lot for your money, and lets face it, this isn't an heirloom that will be in the family for generations, nor is it likely to be a source for the fondest childhood memories. It is a toy that is designed to be abused and amuse people, and do so with minimal cost. The extras and refinements on more expensive cars are unlikely to be appreciated or remembered by your kids...but will be remembered by your wallet.

This toy easily earns 5 stars.

Highly Recommend!

Love, Love, Love this ride on car. My grandson is a very small 17 month old. He can ride in the car as his parents guide it with the remote control. He loves it!! And as he grows he can control it himself!

This car is shweet! My almost 2 year old loves it. My 6 and 5 yr olds drive him around all the time! The remote control idea is the best thing since sliced bread! I took away one star because the seat screws down on top of the rechargeable battery. Therefore it has to be unscrewed and screwed back on every time you need to charge it. Considering how much my kids love it, that's a pain. Also, the car does not turn very well. And a plastic piece under the seat was broke upon arrival. BUT that would not stop me from buying it again. The horn button sounds a cute horn and lights up the front of the car. The kids love it. Steering a car and operating a forward/reverse can be so challenging for lil ones that find these cars appealing but this coupe is perfect! The best feature is that a 2 year old can ride in it and then next year drive it. Also I don't mind it being parked in my living room for days on end because the darn thing is so cute!

4 stars (to 5 stars)
Update* its been a couple weeks we've been out 4 time around the block a good distance and back. MP3 player is pretty cool volume is decent (could be a wee bit louder)

Working great (charged twice)
Good speed, remote works a good distance 50+ feet away from vehicle NOT recommended distance for fall risk children. Mine tries to grab the wheels which I discourage.

Son loves horn (beep beep, beep beep) and loves music so he was totally jamming out!

I loved it. Got the product safe and in a good condition. Took abt 20 mins for assembly, which was pretty easy. Battery was charged so my daughter started riding it right away. She was very happy.

Very good car for 1.5 year old Grandchild. Too young to operate correctly but parental override for remote operation works great (within limited operational range). Allows the child the enjoyment of 'driving' while the parent operates the vehicle. Remote operation touchy; will take getting use to operate. Battery life not very long before needing recharging which takes awhile; might consider a higher amp-hour SLA battery as replacement. She quickly learned where the remote/local switch was located - might have to relocate/add another switch that bypasses the dash switch!! Haven't had many opportunities to operate outdoors due to rain (probably should have gotten a boat instead of a car) so can't address longevity of the gears/motor system. So far, satisfied with purchase/performace. If this changes, will repost.

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