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Battat Take-A-Part Vehicle Roadster (Old Model)

Product Description

Battat products are designed with your pre-schooler in mind. This sturdy Take-A-Part Roadster from Battat is 10" X 5" X 5.5" in size and features 18 vehicle parts, and a power screw driver with 3 different bits. Big nuts and bolts for little hands. Perfect for ages 3 years and up. Requires two AA batteries-not included.

From the Manufacturer

Take -A-Part Roadster. 18 roadster parts and a battery powered tool with 3 bits. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Great gift idea. For hours of imaginative play.

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This has been one of my son favorites for a while, a very good purchase on my part! Big, chunky pieces that are great for toddlers. My son was 3 when we got him this for Christmas, he will be turning 6 next month & still plays with these Battat Take A Part Vehicles. He now has the whole collection. & I know he will likely outgrow them soon but I bet these toys would last 10+ years! All are great quality in terms of the material & design. Each one I've bought has came with a battery powered drill, & let me tell you these things never break. Change the batteries & they work good as new. & most of the pieces are interchangeable!

This Battat Roadster is quite durable which is fantastic because my rough and tough pre-schooler plays with it non-stop (and throws it non-stop when frustrated). If your child is as obsessed with cars and taking things apart, this will provide many hours of entertainment over the course of the week. Taking the wheels on and off is an endless repetitive past time. At first somewhat annoying to do myself 15+ times a day but now (after a few weeks) he has gained the coordination and skill and does it himself. In fact, he gets made if I try to help out. Also, we never bothered to put batteries in, we just use our manual hand power.

We gave this as a gift to a 3 year old.
It was by far, the favorite gift of the day. It's a really wonderful toy for children to work independently on their fine motor skills.
The birthday boy was enthralled by it and immediately sat down in a corner to work on it by himself. He had a real sense of accomplishment when he was able to use the 'tool' to take the car pieces apart.
I would definitely recommend this. Kids really enjoy taking things apart and figuring out how they work and this toy

We gave this to my 4 year old nephew for Christmas. He played with it for quite a while and wanted to take it home from my parent's house. It's very easy to use and there are a few things to be aware of. 1st - you need a small screwdriver to be able to insert the batteries. 2nd - the forward/backward switch can be tricky to get in those positions, it would be nice to have some labeling (we used a sharpie). 3rd - for the first time you may need to loosen the screws by hand otherwise the tool will not be able to break them free. It could use just a little more power.

Otherwise - a great toy for a child who likes cars and taking things apart.

My three year old grandson enjoys playing with this car and the screwdriver that comes with it. Small bendable figures from his other play sets fits perfectly inside the front seats of the car. I often make him remove and reinstall a different part so he will learn how each piece fits together. As he gets older, he can take the entire car apart and figure it out for himself. The car operates by hand and the screwdriver operates with batteries. It is safe for him to handle. A few different sockets adapt to the bolts on the car t o make it more interesting. I wish I had this toy as a child! I may buy the other vehicles next year.

My kids LOVE these take a part toys. We have the airplane and the roadster. My 3 year old is exceptionally good with putting things together, and he loves taking apart and reassembling these things. The pieces fit together well, and the toys are fun to play with once assembled.

The only bad thing: I've owned three products by this company. All of them have the same drill/screwdriver. It is difficult (impossible) for kids to change the drill from forward to reverse without adult help. The switches are cheap and difficult to move. So if they want to take out screws and put them back in, an adult needs to switch the drill from reverse back to forward.

That's the only reason I give this 4 stars. It's a great idea for a product. One of my kids' favorite toys.

For any child who loves vehicles and/or taking things apart this toy is fantastic. The bolts and power screwdriver are large and simple enough for even young children to use. My 2.5 year old is able to use it with very little help--after some practice he can now even work it on his own at times. This toy keeps him engaged for much longer than the average toy. We actually received the airplane version as a present and he loved it so much that we purchased the roadster. After several months we are still very happy with this purchase.

I haven't opened the product yet. I left it at 5 stars but don't know how it will really be. I just want to warn others about the packaging! This came (as a previous reviewer had noted, but I had disregarded it) with a label slapped on it, in no other box. This was extremely disappointing as it's supposed to be a gift and I think my son saw it. Also, the box looks terrible--it's all battered and crushed. If it were a gift for someone else, it would be difficult to wrap and give it in its condition.

I did not mark that the item was a gift, as I usually don't have to do that to ensure that the package comes in a larger box. Maybe try that if you are ordering this as a gift!!

Got two of these (the roadster and the SUV) for grandsons ages 3 and 5. They were fascinated by the tools and went right to work. One little boy needs to work on his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This was a way to engage him in an activity that was fun and also therapeutic. There is also a good schematic diagram included that lets the child "read" how everything works. The boys' dad was quite impressed with this.

By far one of my favorite toys we've gotten for my son. He is sitting at the table right now taking the car apart and putting it back together. This toy is recommended for ages three and up but we got it for him for his second birthday and its been great. At first he just rolled it around and played with the drill but now he's having a blast taking it down to its frame and piecing it back. The car is sturdy and has been able to withstand some pretty tough falls on our hardwood floor. This will be a go-to gift for us for his friends for awhile.

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Teach your child how to change a little tire with the Battat Take-A-Part Roadster. This sturdy toy roadster features 18 vehicle parts and a power screwdriver with 3 different bits for hours of mechanical fun. Now your child can work on their own car thanks to the oversized nuts and bolts designed
Product DescriptionBattat products are designed with your pre-schooler in mind. This sturdy Take-A-Part Crane from Battat is 11.25" X 5.25" X 10" in size and features 30 vehicle parts, and a power screw driver with 3 different bits. Big nuts and bolts for little hands. Perfect for ages 3 years and