Comments about Toy Storage PEEK-A-BAGS For Organizing Kid's Toys With Unique Colorful Drawstring bag. Perfect For a Baby Shower. Easy For Little Hands to Fill to Keep Rooms Clean Organized

Toy Storage PEEK-A-BAGS For Organizing Kid's Toys With Unique Colorful Drawstring bag. Perfect For a Baby Shower. Easy For Little Hands to Fill to Keep Rooms Clean Organized

PEEK-A-BAGS, a growing brand committed to fun and practical ways to keep your home clutter free and your lives less stressful. We are a family owned company, creating storage bags of patterned and soft colorful cotton fabrics with clear vinyl windows. Finally a fun and cute way to help you and your children to keep their rooms and play areas clutter free. Imagine the toys neatly organized on the shelves instead of spread all over the floors, and your children actually having fun while learning to put their toys away. Cute drawstring bags, designed to be easily shelved, but also light weight making it super easy for children to bring their toys wherever they go…truly travel friendly for strollers, cars, planes or trains. Great way to teach children that everything has it’s place and keeping toys organized can be fun & helpful! Great way to add a Pop of color to a bedroom or playroom with a practical function. Great way to present the perfect gift bag when filled with cute items for any occasion, especially baby showers and birthdays, making your gift stand out from all the others, and one that will not be soon forgotten. Great way to bring smiles to your kids faces as they fill their bags with dolls, figurines, blocks, snacks, books, markers, cars & trucks, lego's, hair ribbons, ballet costumes, etc. Finally, when you order the Standard Bag by clicking below, you will receive your Peek-a-Bag packaged in a reusable eco-friendly mesh bag. Peek-a-Bags will be adding additional colors and products that will all co-ordinate, creating a colorful and decorative collection to use or to give as special gifts to those you LOVE! Just click below to order either the Standard or Mini, in multiple patterns and colors

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I love this bag! It's made with high quality materials and is a really useful, easy to store bag. I got the one with poka dots and I love all the colors. It looks great in my daughters room. I purchased it to organize my kids toys and love how they can see what's in the bag with the clear section making things visable BEFORE emptying it all over the floor. They are incredibly useful when traveling too. We had each girl load up a bag and that's what they got to bring in the car. They could see what they brought and easily get the item they wanted out all by themselves. I'm really glad I ordered one of each size. The small one holds blocks, legos, magnaformers and other various smaller toys really well. I also used the smaller bag the other day to hold wipes and a couple of diapers while we were out and about. The large bag can hold A LOT! Great for medium size toys. I can't wait to get more of these peek-a-bags in other designs.

I love this Toy Storage PEEK-A-BAGS For Organizing Kid's Toys With Unique Colorful Drawstring bag. Perfect For a Baby Shower. Easy For Little Hands to Fill to Keep Rooms Clean...
by Peek-a-bags. I am very happy to say the least. Thank you so much! I hope to do business with this seller again in the near future. Thank you for the expediency and swiftness of the order. Next time I am looking for a product similar to this, I will definitely keep this seller in mind and be sure to tell others I know about where I got mine so they can purchase it the same. High quality product well worth the purchase. Check out was a breeze. This product is great and I am very happy. I am very happy to have this item in my collection and would purchase again if in the market for it. I will tell my friends, family, and coworkers about this item and this seller. I am in no way affiliated with this company. This review and any review I make connected to this item are solely thoughts of my own. To the seller: Thank you very much for your great product, the opportunity to try it, your quick order processing time, and for being a great seller. I wish all sellers were like you and all products were of this caliber and quality. I would like to try more products from this seller in the near future. I highly doubt I would be disappointed. This seller aims to please. Thank you again. A + + + + To the potential buyer: buy away!! :) Products and sellers like this make shopping online a wonderful thing and a great experience. I can’t wait to see what other products there are like this one. I have reviewed this product after I have tested and utilized this product. Thank you forToy Storage PEEK-A-BAGS For Organizing Kid's Toys With Unique Colorful Drawstring bag. Perfect For a Baby Shower. Easy For Little Hands to Fill to Keep Rooms Clean...
by Peek-a-bags

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and cannot wait to place some baby shower gifts inside and deliver them to the expectant mother! The Gray Dandelion Puff fabric is darling and will go nicely in any nursery decor. I have found the fabrics to be pleasing to the eye...very high quality...and nicely made. I particularly like the teal chevron draw string which adds that complimentary pop of color! I cannot wait to see how the new mommy uses this in her nursery with storage or taking it on day trips in the car! Excited to say that I also ordered the large size, so the new mommy will have two. I was also glad to receive an eco-friendy mesh bag which could be great for bath toys or beach toys! I will most definitely order more of these for future showers and birthday gifts. I also think they would be perfect for a college freshman's dorm room...endless uses, practical and fun! Thank you PEEK-A-BAGS!

I bought three of these instantly as they are so cute, versatile and look well made. I was NOT disappointed. The stitching is top quality and the drawstring top easy enough for little hands but sturdy enough to withstand much hard wear.

I'm giving this one to my 3.5 year old grandson filled with goodies for his flight home from visiting this summer. He will LOVE it and it's perfect as his own carry on. This bag came enclosed in a mesh bag so it's really TWO products in one.

This will definitely be my go to gift for so many reasons.

I was looking for something other than a paper gift bag to put my baby shower gift in, and I found it. The Peek-A- Bag is the perfect gift bag. I purchased both the standard and the mini Peek-A- Bag. In the large bag I put bath towels, washcloths, and some baby bath toys. In the smaller bag I put shampoo, lotion, and other bath accessories. The bags can then be used for toy storage. An extra bonus was the mesh bag that came with it. Great to hang in the bathtub for all those wet toys!

The quality of the bag is excellent. The fabric is fun and sturdy. This is a much better alternative to the paper gift bag, which ends up in the trash. I will definitely be purchasing more!

Wow, these are awesome bags! Really like the colorful dots pattern and the quality is first rate. The fabric is both heavy duty and stiff so it's easy for the kids to stand it up for when cleaning up. So now the Lego collection has a new home!

We're definitely ordering a few more for other toy kits that need a home too. And that clear vinyl wrap around "window" should help them easily find just what they're looking for. Such a clever design.

These are great! As soon as I opened them and put toys in them my 2yr old was so excited to carry his toy cars and trains round in them! These are easy to use I will be getting more. They're a little smaller then I expected but they hold a lot!

I received my Peek-A-Bag today via Prime! When I ordered I thought it would be a great way to store toys but now that it's in my hands I see the possibilities for it's uses are endless!! I can see using these as lunch bags, beach bags, day trip totes, play date carry alongs, library totes, grocery bags etc... These bags are also adorable!! I'll be so proud to carry these handy bags around town! I'm planning to get one for each of my children! BONUS!! You really get 2 bags: the fabric Peek-A-Bag comes packaged inside a mesh bag with draw string top. It's perfect for bath and beach items or even produce! GREAT VALUE for a FUN & HANDY PRODUCT! Photos coming soon!!

Love, love the Peek-a-bags! They are very cute, we'll constructed, colorful and versatile.
Work requires see through bags on the work room floor. This covers work items, lunch items.
Travel uses are many. Keeping phones, chargers, pen, paper, change, sunglasses and snacks.
Hotel uses to keep bathroom items together, makeups essentials, electronic items.
These are awesome as unique and reusable gift bags. They would also be great for keeping your gift wrapping it's together. Keep your tape, gift tags, scissors, pens, markers and bows in easy reach.
Endless uses and possibilities.

So delighted with this purchase. I received my Peek-a-Bags today and was very pleased with the quality and fabric and the workmanship. I plan on gifting both bags to a just turned 1 year old great granddaughter who is at the perfect age to be curious about whatever might be "peeking" out the window. I know her mother will be pleased to use them for toting more than toys, for it will be handy for diapers, snacks, and a host of other toddler needs. Now I am thinking of who else might enjoy receiving one of these beautiful bags as a birthday, shower or even thank you gifts in the future.

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Toy storage organizer - perfect for kids rooms, nursery shelves, closet bins, kids book storage, kids playrooms, toy room organization.Peek-a-Bags created a canvas fabric bin for toy storage. This bin coordinates with the fabrics in our adorable Peek-a-Bags - drawstrings bags with a clear vinyl