Comments about Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels 300 Car Storage Cube

Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels 300 Car Storage Cube

The spacious Hot Wheels ZipBin 300 Car Storage Cube is the innovative way to store an entire Hot Wheels collection. It can hold up to 300 vehicles or a combination of vehicles and track. The box unzips into a flat, wipe-clean play surface. Every vehicle is accessible – from the smallest to the largest, including ones at the bottom of the bin – with no dumping, and no mess. Kids can easily find exactly what they want. When playtime is over, the mat zips back up to quickly and easily store the entire collection inside. A lid keeps contents secure, and side handles provide easy portability from room to room. 11.25" L x 11.25" W x 11"H Ages 3+

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We really like this tote for our child's growing hot wheels collection. There is enough space in the tote for sure to hold about 300 cars (maybe more). The lid, though, which would work as a space to cleanly store the cars while the tote is unzipped, would only hold about 50 cars. For us that didn't matter because we just unzipped the tote with all the cars still in there, and let them spill onto the floor as it opens.

One gripe I have with this case is that I do wish the material was a bit sturdier. The tote is made of a rather flimsy and lightweight cardboard material. I could very easily see this being worn out rather quickly with some intensive use--like possibly even loading the tote to the full 300 car suggestion and carrying it around the house regularly. This makes the price tag, for me, a bit high.

In the end though, this works for us. My toddler likes the "tracks" on the panel, unzipping the tote is easy access to the cars without having to noisely dig through a bin to find the one he wants, and I like having a themed tote for storing just his cars in. Again, just wish it was a sturdier material than the thin cardboard it's made out of.

Finally, a great place to store all those little cars that litter our house and get stepped on all the time! The design is awesome and my kids were thrilled to have this box and even have been putting cars in it without being asked! The sides unzip so that the box can be flattened into a mat with a track on it. However, the material isn't all that strong and it gets warped easily.

I just received this product in the mail and I CAN'T WAIT to give it to my 4 year old son for Christmas! All the sides unzip to make a cool race car play mat and the lid can be used to hold the cars he isn't playing with. When he's all finished playing, he will simply be able to re-zip the sides to create a cool storage box for all of his cars! :-)

This was a Christmas gift for my new step-grandson. I was told he kept his hot wheels in a fabric grocery bag. He beamed when he opened this.

It was expected that he was getting something that had individual slots for each car. This little boy is 7; going from a grocery bag to this is the perfect first step. I bet he'd never keep the cars in the slotted case; maybe when he's older.

My toddler is crazy for hot wheels and loves this box. You can unzip two sides flat and that along with the lid makes a neat little road he can drive his cars on. The only thing I don't like about it is that it looses shape after a while and the lid doesn't easily go back on it and his hot wheels don't even fill up half of it (he has like 300).

We had like 5 baskets to hold cars and trucks and now that we have this storage it fits all of his hot wheels and there is no need for other baskets. If your child is obsessed with hot wheels and they're all over the house this is a great way to reduce clutter and keep things neat.

My boys love that they have somewhere for all of their hotwheel cars to go and they can dump them out and unzip the box flat into a race track! Didn't know it could do that until we got it home! Great buy!

Perfect in every way just dropped them in and put the cover on.

Really cool idea. Will hold a large amount of cars and when unfolded turns into a cool race track. My 4yr old loves it and is a place that he can put all his scattered cars into.

This box is very nice. Vinyl material. Easy to clean. Has zippers on sides that are very sturdy. Bigger than I imagined. Wish I bought this before the plastic cases! Great buy!

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