Comments about Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Bedding Playmat Interactive Game Rug w/ a Marshall in Fire Truck Toy Car, Multi-colored, 31.5" x 44"

Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Bedding Playmat Interactive Game Rug w/ a Marshall in Fire Truck Toy Car, Multi-colored, 31.5 x 44

Adventure Bay is colorfully represented on this rug while your child can use Marshall and his fire truck to zoom up and down the roads to the rescue!

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My son love this! He spends hours laying on the ground playing with it! It came folded and took a few days to flatten out, but now it's flat and great.

I bought this for my 3 yr old nephew and he loved it! He pulled it out right away & started playing with it. His mom told me he plays with it at home alot. My own boys have one in their room but not Paw Patrol.

So... purchased this as a Christmas gift for a young relative... The young relative came over for a visit and I forgot to hide it - LOL - he saw it - flipped out and wanted to play with it...

So... On the plus side, I can report prior to Christmas that at least this 4 year old LOVES it, the rug seems to be pretty well made and should stand up until he moves out of the Paw Patrol age the rug is quite colorful...

Downside is I need to find another gift :-)

3 year old remembered who gave this to him 2 months after Christmas and love, love ,loves to play with it and the figures !

My grandbaby loves it.

Perfect size for a playmat. Only issue is it is very hard to find the other characters for my two year old to use with it. It comes with Marshall and I am still searching for a set of the rest of the characters. Wish there was an option to purchase the rest of the Paw Patrol characters with the mat.

This is very cute and I'm sure my daughter is gonna absolutely love it! I bought it for her as a birthday gift for her paw patrol party! She adores paw patrol and this is going to be a great addition to her rescue pup toys!

Perfect set for a toddler. He absolutly loves it and everything is exactly the same from adventure bay!!! Even marshall looks the same. I would defenitly buy more from this buyer. Thank you

Perfect gift for my 2 year old nephew! He loves his paw patrol dogs! He loves to race his cars on the mat too! It does come folded, let it lay out for a couple hours and it will unwrinkle. kids however, will not know the difference.

It is so cute! It is a little smaller than I expected but overall I am happy with the product!

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