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Tyco Terra Climber Radio Control Vehicle

Climb and crush obstacles with the ultimate climbing creature Terra Climber! This fully functional RC vehicle includes everything you need to conquer obstacles indoors or outdoors! When the creature's tail is extended it's an epic two feet long! The Terra Climber can actually scale stairs up to eight inches high, climb piles of rocks and hills in any direction. Climb and conquer obstacles right away with the Terra Climber Radio Control Vehicle it's ready to run with 9.6v rechargeable batteries and charger included.

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Christmas gift for a 13 year old boy was extremely successful. We put up with a lot of complaining upon arrival at the house when we asked him to help bring in presents..."it's freezing out here!". An hour later, before his mother demanded proper attire, he was willing to brave the cold rain to run outside in his stocking feet, without a coat, to see how well the Climber would survive backyard obstacles. I love it when I find something that is a big hit, and this was a great choice.

This thing is pretty cool! I ordered this for my four year old for Christmas. When it came in, my husband was itching to open it and try it. He drove it around, had a huge smile, and I swear it was like starring at a huge kid. I know my son will be super stoked to wake up and see this under the tree because this is all I have been hearing since he seen the commercial: " momma I NEEDDD the Terra climber!!"

This thing is super cool. This was one of two things my four year old son begged for leading up to Christmas. It's large and sturdy. It climbed an entire flight of carpeted stairs. It's very rugged and tough. Assembly was easy, just had to pop in the tail and batteries into the remote. The battery in the climber is rechargeable, which I love. There is an indicator light on the charger so you know when the battery is full and ready to go. It was fully charged in less than an hour out of the box so he got to play pretty quickly.

Fun toy for outside, climbs great. Not great for inside, the legs make to much racket moving. Only negative is that you much keep away from any water which for an outdoor toy I would of hoped it would be more water proof. My son tried to roll it across a tiny stream (more like a trickle of water) but because it sits so low to the ground it got water in it and stopped working immediately. Luckily we took it right home and dried it out in front of the fireplace and it started working again.

This toy is super fun for everyone in our house. It is very tough and can handle multiple falls down our stairs with ease. It is so tough, however, that it put a hole in our wall! My only slight complaint is that the battery does not hold a charge for very long. Luckily, we have two other batteries then same size from other remote control cars. We just have to make sure we have one charged on stand-by at all times.

So my kids saw these on TV and went bananas. Then they told Santa about them. They didn't have the best reviews while researching, but they told Santa!

Turns out, they're bad-ass. They crawl over EVERYTHING. Stairs, trash, people, grass, dirt, whatever. They're amazing, have a long battery life, and pretty fun to drive - and this is coming from a 38 year old man.

When my 5yr old asked for the Terra Climber for Christmas I was not excited about the $100 price tag. I was glad to find it on Amazon for a more reasonable price. Although the toy is pretty awesome and my 9yr old daughter clearly wants one too, I will say that the Terra Climber is very loud. The noise is the only drawback. My son absolutely love it.

Perfect for young kids because it's really hard to get this stuck or hung up on anything. Controls are easy to learn. Seems to be well built. Rubber grips on tires makes it have good reactions on all surfaces. Battery has about two hrs of constant running before recharging is needed. Five year old loves and that's good enough for me!

Terra Climber is great so far. Instructions say "don't use on the road" but also "works best on asphalt or concrete." This is true. It "walks" when in the grass or on anything not very flat. That said, it powers through or over most anything. Not very speedy, but I like it and my kids like it.

Totally awesome! This was a gift for an 8 year old...he and his Dad love it! Durable, climbs so much better than expected...would definitely order this item again! Amazon service is also awesome...quick delivery, wrapped very well...the best customer service anywhere!

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