Comments about 12" Bump & Go Rescue Fire Engine Truck Kids Toy with Extending Ladder & Lights & Siren Sounds

12 Bump & Go Rescue Fire Engine Truck Kids Toy with Extending Ladder & Lights & Siren Sounds

Bump and Go Rescue Fire Engine w/ Lights and Realistic Sounds. This battery operated Fire Truck is 12" long with retractable & 360 degree turn-able ladder. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Box size: 13.75"L x 3.25"W x 4.5"H. Ages 3 and Up.

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It's nice for my young children. My husband took off one of the mechanisms so that it would roll better on carpet (playroom). It's really loud and the siren will keep going until you turn it off. Would prefer it to just make noise for a few seconds and turn itself off.

We bought this as a gift for a friend's child. The package arrived in very poor condition. I don't know if this is the sellers fault or Amazon's fault, but I did contact Amazon about it and they made it right. The child's mom texted me to tell me how cool this toy is. She said is has the bells and whistles to make it a really cool firetruck. She said it will move across the floor on its own and if it hits something it will stop and go the other way. How neat is that? We thought it was pretty cute and now that the gift received such rave reviews from our friend, we are thinking this will make a great Christmas present. The price is right too!

Pretty decent toy for the money. There isn't an option to have the truck move with out sound which I wish it had. the siren is pretty loud so I wish there was a volume adjuster lol... But my son loves it and the fact that it moves around on its own makes him laugh which is worth it.

A wonderful fire truck at an excellent price. Great detail and working functions. It makes a terrific gift for a boy or a girl. They'll love it. The extending ladder that rotates and the working siren and lights make it great fun to play with!

Fire truck looks really realistic. The ladders are a bit tricky to extend/ store though. My little nephew lost his patience with this a couple of times. The ladder seems poorly designed for kid's toy but otherwise the detail is great!

I bought this for my great nephew and cousin as Christmas gifts. From what I can see through the packaging, I want to play with it myself. My son had a similar fire truck and he loved the noise and lights.

I bought this fire truck for my son, because he absolutely loves this children's program called Fireman Sam. It has a siren and it lights and spins. My son loved it, I was so happy to see him play with his truck.

My grandson loves it. Great toy of older design, meaning like a robo vacuum. It hits an object and turns and continues onward.

The grandson LOVES this fire engine. His daddy is a firefighter and he owns so many toys that are associated with that, We were surprised to find out that he didn't have a ladder truck.

Siren is much louder than I expected. My sister and her husband me know. I know my 3 year old nephew loves it.

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