Comments about Bubble Blasters Shooter Guns by ArtCreativity - Pack of 2, includes 1 Dinosaur Shooter Gun with Exciting Sound Effects and 1 Transparent LED Gun. Battery Operated - For Age 5+ - Best Gift for Kids

Bubble Blasters Shooter Guns by ArtCreativity - Pack of 2, includes 1 Dinosaur Shooter Gun with Exciting Sound Effects and 1 Transparent LED Gun. Battery Operated - For Age 5+ - Best Gift for Kids


An Excellent Toy for Kids

Looking for the perfect toys to give the kids endless hours of fun and finally get them off the couch? Then these bubble blasters
are perfect for this! Every pack comes with a Dinosaur bubble gun with exciting sound effects, and a flashing LED transparent
blaster. They both produce mesmerizing lighting effects and a beautiful stream of bubbles to keep the young ones thrilled for hours.
Knowing kids, they might break a blaster in a matter of days, but since you have a pack of 2 and the gleeful look on their faces
from all the fun, it will all be worth it.

Easy to use

The bubble shooter guns have no learning
curve associated with them. All that is required is to pull and hold the trigger to light up the LED lights and release a constant
stream of bubbles. Every shooter comes packed with 3 x AA batteries located in the grip of the gun to immediately begin the fun.
Simply swap the batteries if the blaster stops working and continue with all the cheer.

Here is why you should get the bubble fun set;

- Comes with two bubble blasters in every pack.

- Includes 3 x AA batteries that are easily replaceable.

- It is very easy to use: just pull and hold the trigger.

- Your kids will love the colorful lights and bubbles.

- Promotes healthy exercise and develops hand-eye coordination.

Count on the bubble shooter gun to thoroughly entertain your child for hours on end while giving you a bit of relaxation time.
Click �Add to Cart’ now and get double value for your money.

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Bubble blaster shooters are a good alternative to water guns. This is a pack of two bubble blasters individually wrapped so you have two gifts . Included is one Dino blaster that has sound effects the dimo roars when the trigger is pulled . The other one is see thru and lights up . The bubbles and batteries are included in the package making it a ready to play with toy . Clean up is a breeze just take the bubbles off and run water through the straw until the gun is cleaned out . Then just let it air dry. My kids has a blast with these I'm sure yours will too.

These guns are very cute. One of the pack is a regular light-up "gun" and the other is shaped like a dinosaur, lights up and the bubble fluid holder is a dinosaur egg. The first set we got, the guns did not work properly, unfortunately. ArtCreativity issued us a refund AND sent us a new set of guns. This new set has been working properly and my two children are really enjoying shooting bubbles with them. They light up and the dinosaur gun makes roaring noises when you pull the trigger. For any kid who likes dinosaurs, this is a big bonus feature! My two children take turns shooting bubbles with the dinosaur gun. Both sets of guns were shipped very quickly and packaged carefully in their boxes. I was impressed with ArtCreativity and their dedication to making sure I was satisfied with the product. I am very satisfied with the new, working set of bubble guns!

My two year old is in love with these!! We love to play but he gets very upset when he can't blow them himself. Well now he can. He can use the trigger himself to make the bubbles and loves the one shaped like a dinosaur. These guns are making my life SO much easier. I have stocked up on little bottles for hours of fun. I highly recommend these for your little ones. The bubbles are good size and you're not left with the mess of "bubble juice" everywhere. Great price for an activity that keeps them busy!

These are fun bubble shooters. One is a dinosaur bubble gun. It takes 3 double A batteries which did come with it. It also came with two little bottles of bubbles. This one is really cool because it lights up, makes dinosaur noise and blow bubbles while pulling the trigger. The other one is a see thru gun which also came with the batteries and a bottle of bubbles. It also lights up. Great set of bubble blaster. will tell my family and friends about this bubble shooter.... Great toy!!!!

My husband and I gave this toy to our grandson for Valentines! He LOVED it! I have never seen him so excited about anything! "Look GiGi, T Rex!"He is only 2! Sorry, we didn't go by your age suggestion! My daughter just sent me a text that indicated this was his new favorite toy! Thanks for providing us with this awesome toy. Can you suggest other examples of your products?

I purchased this product for my grandson for Christmas. He's only 20 months old, but he absolutely loves bubbles. It was a huge hit. Even though he's too small to hold it, he runs around and chases the bubbles and keeps us busy!!!

Hilarious for outdoor fun! The regular one seems to work a bit better than the dinosaur one but both are great for kids and adults alike! Forewarning, very easy to run out of bubble formula so make sure to get or make extra!

These bubble guns are so much fun and really neat. It worked really well and easy to get the bubble fluid in as well. The kids really enjoyed them and for the price they were great.

Kids love them and have a great time playing outside with these bubble blasters. May have to buy more for the whole family to enjoy.

My 3 year old nephew loves these!! The dinosaur one doesn't work very well but the other does. For the price, it's a great toy!

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