Comments about NameTrain Bright Letter Car E - Made in USA

NameTrain Bright Letter Car E - Made in USA

Select your letters to spell anything you want! Each letter comes in 6 different colors - red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple. We'll assort the colors for you. Perfect as a birthday, Christmas, holiday or anytime gift!

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We bought the letter E in order to scavenge it for spare parts since one day the N we had bought for our son was mysteriously (I think the vacuum got it) missing one of the two pairs of wheels. The E that arrived was dark brown not green like the picture shows, and we went about swapping wheels. Our N is in great shape now, though I wish I could just order a pair of wheels instead of a whole letter, as the E looks cool too and it is a shame to have it be missing its second pair of wheels.
In short, these letter-shaped Name Train vehicles are beautiful; they look great, they feel great, and they roll great. We love'em! 5 Stars

nice size, nice weight, strong magnet - quick shipping -excellent customer service

For a gift.

Great fun for the kids to have their names, and the quality of the workmanship is excellent.

Son loves the name train but buyer beware that the color of the letters do not always match what the picture shows.

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Get a personalized NameTrain. Engine, caboose, and 5 letters of your choice a total of 7 cars. We will assort the colors for you. Track is available or you can also purchase a 5 letter name with track to fit