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Battat Take-A-Part Vehicle Crane (Old Model)

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Battat products are designed with your pre-schooler in mind. This sturdy Take-A-Part Crane from Battat is 11.25" X 5.25" X 10" in size and features 30 vehicle parts, and a power screw driver with 3 different bits. Big nuts and bolts for little hands. Perfect for ages 3 years and up. Requires two AA batteries-not included.

From the Manufacturer

Take -A-Part Crane. 34 pieces set includes 30 vehicle parts and a power screwdriver with 3 different bits. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For hours of imaginative play. Easy grip toy for small hands.

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My little boy has this Battat toy as well as the similar products Battat Take A Part Roadster and Battat Take Apart Airplane.

In case you are trying to decide which of the Battat toys to buy, I will share our experience. All three of these toys are popular around our house and all are pretty high quality. My 3 year old son has been able to disassemble them by himself almost since receiving the toys and quickly figured out "tighten" vs "loosen" on the drill. Regarding the Battat Take-A-Part Roadster, 22 Pcs and the Battat Take-A-Part Airplane, after quite a few passes where mom or dad helped him reassemble, he can mostly do that part on his own now, too. This crane is another matter, though. It has a much more complicated design that is much less intuitive and obvious than the roadster and plane toys. Even we parents struggle a little bit with assembly of the crane.

So, if you're shopping for a 3 year old, I would say the roadster and the plane are both good choices. The crane is good too but I think most kids this age would struggle to play independently with this toy.

UPDATE DECEMBER 1 2O13: I just wanted to pop in here during the holiday shopping period to add that my boy, who is now just shy of his 5th birthday, still plays with his Battat take-apart toys periodically. Not every day, but sometimes, which is really saying something. I think the only other toys in this house that have shown the same "legs" as the Battat toys would be Duplo/LEGO bricks.

I bought this toy for my 3 years old son a month ago and so far he has enjoyed it a lot. In my opinion, this toy targets two different age groups

As a crane truck it is a simple toy that any preschooler from 1 year onwards could enjoy. It is made of plastic with no battery powered compartments and the crane part, as seen in the picture, has three joints. The joints, despite being removed and put back, can stay still pretty okay and the motion is neither restricted by the bolts and nuts nor loosened by their presence. The only complaint is the small joining segment that connects the crane arm to the end bit. That is pretty thin and can be broken if forced and that may remove all the joy.Other than that this truck is good for role plays and picking up and carrying around small toys.

As a take apart toy, it aims an older age group. It comes with a battery operated drill with several pieces that can be used to fasten or unfasten the bolts. However you can perfectly due the same stuff with no tool at all. Yet it is a nice addition for little constructors. My son did manage the take apart and put back part yet. I think it requires a little bit more fine motor skills which a 5-6 years old can manage. When we gave him the drill all he did was to generate that drill noise without stopping so we had to hide that part until he gets older.

Overall, that is a well thought and well constructed toy that can be enjoyed by a wide age range of children and for what it offers it is a good price...

There are pros and cons. My son adores this. He is 3. He is, ostensibly, at the perfect age for this toy. The drill was the hit of Christmas. The truck is large and the wheels make a (horrible) clattering on the wood floors which is a huge bonus to the ears of a babe. He was fixated with this and happy as could be all around.

The cons: A child who is best suited to the size and simplicity of these particular nuts/bolts is also way too young to exercise any ability to not immediately lose them from one end of the house to the other. The truck begins falling apart when just wheeled around. That is NOT a con by the way, it is supposed to do that. The nuts/bolts do not tighten down obviously, they're meant to be screwed and unscrewed by tiny humans. But it also means that said pieces fall off all over and you, as the parental unit, are obliged to crawl around looking for them every few minutes.

we just got the take apart crane for my 3-year old just 3 days ago, and we are already huge fans! at first i was skeptical that he would understand that he needs to take it apart and put it back together. i thought he would just enjoy the crane bc he's very much into trucks right now. but he figured it out very quickly. on day 3, he's able to put 90% of it back together! it's really great for improving fine motor skills, and concentration. i'm really impressed with how his holding of the drill has improved in just days, and his ability to change the settings.

he got so many toys for Eid but this has been by far his favorite and most one that has kept him busy. can't wait to get the rest of them, and i'm so glad to hear from other reviewers that the interest doesn't get lost over the years.

These are the BEST toys for the 3 and above crowd!! We got my son the "TAke Apart 4X4" Vehicle this past Christmas when he was just over 3. and he STILL plays with it almost daily! so we ordered him the crane, too. The screws/screwdriver are the perfect size for him to use. and he loves that he can pick and change the "bit", too depending on what part hes putting in... Just like daddy's tools! He doesn't seem to get tired of assembling and reassembling it. And the quality is very good- as I said, the 4X4 truck has been played with daily for months, and is still in great shape.
I really like that its a toy that makes him think, and use his hands.... not one he just "zones out" with.
I would say just be careful that there are a lot of smaller parts, if you have younger children in the house. other than that, I don't think you can go wrong ordering one of these toys!

I bought this for my four year old cousin. He's so passionate about cars and take-apart toys. The moment he unwrapped it, he was so excited to get started on it. With a little help the first time putting the toy together, he now has the hang of it and can finish the project himself. Parts of the crane sometimes fall off -- maybe 1 out of 10 times -- when the crane is in motion but it's okay; it's plastic anyways. For the most part, the pieces fit together nicely and are easy to screw on. With the power screwdriver included with the purchase, the project is much more exciting. As a puzzle made for toddlers, the level of difficulty is reasonable and does not require a ton of patience. Not only does my four year old cousin love it, but so do my seven year old and ten year old. I recommend this product for kids who enjoy puzzles and construction. The kids don't seem to get bored even after a dozen round of taking it apart and putting it back together.

this toy is built to a very sturdy 'rough & tough' standard that absorbs the hard play of a 3 year old. There were a few pieces, but not too many, and so the frustration level was very low ---- our grandson enjoyed the experience of assembling and tearing down the truck using the 'power drill' without great difficulty or boredom. Some of the plastic nuts/bolts had vestiges of the molding process so I recommend running these in & out by hand to clear the blemishes before using the power tool ----- the safety on the tool prevents complete threading of the piece if motion is impeded by a blemish on the part. In addition, I recommend exercising the power drill trigger so that operation is easy for a 3 year old. After these couple of up front precautions, the toy was enthusiastically enjoyed by our grandson. I am posting this same review for the Take-A-Part 4x4 as we bought this for grandson #2, also a 3 year old ------- another well built toy that was appreciated by our grandson.

My son loves these toys! He got the plane as a gift and we had to get him another. Taking it apart and putting it back together can be hours of play for him, and it's almost like a puzzle, providing him with a problem to solve and developing dexterity at the same time.

The crane truck is a little complicated- if recommend starting with one of the others, plane, truck, etc. These are very well made toys- strong, thick plastics in vibrant colors. The parts are engineered well so they fit together easily and they way they're supposed to. The tools they come with are cute and work well for plastic toy tools.

We got this for our 2.5 year old son for Christmas. He LOVES this toy! It took him maybe a day to figure out how to use the drill properly (line it up, drill, then stop when it makes a "bump" noise). After that, he has gotten really good at assembling the crane truck. He needs a little help with holding the crane pieces in place, but otherwise can do it almost independently. Pieces seem quite sturdy. Ours also came with a flathead drill bit that we don't need. He plays with the truck and crane a little bit after building it, but I think the drill is his favorite part of this toy. Great find!!

I wanted a toy that provided some educational value while not taking away from the fun factor. I build furniture and my two-year-old likes to play with my tools (as long as they're not loud). Anyway, after reading the reviews on this toy, I thought he'd love it.

Right off the bat he was thrilled with the battery operated drill. However, upon close inspection, I realized the toy was missing a nut. He had quickly fallen in love with this truck so I didn't want to send it back. Like other reviews stated, the manufacturer's customer service is great. I called and left a message...about a day and a half later I received a callback. I explained the issue and she sent a replacement part free of charge.

The toy seems very durable and well designed. My two and a half year old does have issues taking apart/assembling the truck alone. This isn't a problem as I anticipated it would be a toy that we enjoyed together. However, I'm excited about how quickly he grasped the idea of using a reversible drill (you do have to flip the switch to change direction like a real drill). His improvements with the "3-D puzzle" have been exciting to watch. As a parent, you must stress the importance of keeping up with all the pieces, but this helps in teaching responsibility and the like at an early age...

It's been a couple months now since the purchase and he still likes to play with it. Not only does he enjoy dis-assembling and re-assembling, but he likes to play with the truck itself (he has a decent collection of toy vehicles). Overall, I think it is an awesome toy for mechanically inclined/interested children who love trucks...

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