Comments about Cars Tomica TOON Rescue Squad Mater Disney Pixar C-35

Cars Tomica TOON Rescue Squad Mater Disney Pixar C-35

New in Box Model Length Approximately 7cm Made in China

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I bought this after reading the reviews that said it was small so I expected it to be small, which is why the small size did come as a disappointment and therefore doesn't affect my rating. I give it a 5 because:

This toy is very detailed and sturdy. It's diecast, and the parts are solid and look like they'll hold up to my kids' abuse. The ladder doesn't extend, which is fine because extendable ladders have short lives in our house.

The wheels turn smoothly and are difficult to remove.

It drives smoothly on the Hot Wheels track and on the Disney Cars play set tracks. We have the V8 station (where the car jumps through the 8, and this truck does just fine on it. The truck also launches just fine from the Cars play set tracks with launchers. So, even though he's smaller than the other toys, he can play in the same tracks.

I'm completely fine with the cost of this toy since the fire truck mater is impossible to find for anything under $40 elsewhere.

There are some bonus learning opportunities for preschoolers since it ships from Japan. The package has a customs form attached with prices in yens, and the box is completely in Japanese. MY kids had fun finding the city on the return address on the map, and they're still young enough that a package from another continent is a huge deal and it made getting it in the mail more fun.

Anyone looking for Resuce Squad Mater, knows he's impossible to track down! After reading all the reviews I knew what I was going to get in terms of size. Yes, he is small but to see the expression on my son's face and hear him excited exclaim
'Firetruck Mater' over and over was well worth a hundred times over, besides he doesn't seem to notice the difference. My search still continues for the real Mater.

It is small, but my 21 month old loves him so guess its not so bad. Don't think I would buy again unless it was half price (paid around $10).

4 stars due to the price, very small, if your child complains about size then just show him it fits in small places(under bridges or something and the kids should forget size and like it for what it is, my kid loved it, rolls very well on its wheels.

This is not what I expected. I was expecting a normal diecast vehicle. This is actually 1:64 scale, not 1:48 or even 1:55. It is tiny! They don't really tell you what size it is, I suspect for a reason. It is a bit misleading.. but.. hey, they didn't say it was bigger and it's a well-made diecast so the fault actually was all mine.

Fool me once, though, Amazon sellers! I won't make the same mistake again. I will equate a lack of information with something bad in the future and let someone else write this type of review.

There isn't actually anything wrong with this car, though! It's a cute little diecast. It just doesn't go with the rest of our son's collection of cars.

Received exactly what was described. It's smaller than the regular cars you can purchase in stores, but it's awesome! Son LOVED it. Can't go wrong for someone who loves mater and firetrucks.

Received on time. The car is small I thought I was buying one like the size of the cars from the Disney Store. But it is the size of a matchbox car. I should have read the reviews before buying. My fault. My son still liked it.

The reviews are right - this guy is TINY. But it doesn't keep my 3 year old from LOVING it. He begged for fire mater and they all came from Japan with 30-45 day shipping which we couldn't commit to. It finally came prime and we grabbed it. If you have the "TALL TALES" you'll love this guy.

My son loves the car! It's just a tiny bit smaller than the regular die cast cars character, which makes it look a little funny next to them. But he loves it nontheless.

Perfect matched an ornament on our tree my 3year old keep taking. This saves the fragile Hallmark ornament. WIN WIN!

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