Reviews Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Caddy (60-Piece)

Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Caddy (60-Piece)

Create, craft and cover endless possibilities with Tapeffiti by Fashion Angels. These fun variety of brightly patterned adhesive tape sticks to any surface and is repositionable. Add flair to school supplies, home decor, accessories, apparel and much more.

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Ohhh... beautifull... this will go directly to my Tapes customers will love them!!! By the way this arrive at PERU in very good conditions!!!

Ok. I've got to address those that left less than 3 stars.
How can you expect 60 rolls of TAPE , clearly says TAPE on the BOX ,to be anything more than just a small roll of tape, for $10 ?!?
I, for one, think this is an amazing deal ! However small each roll is, they work well, for what you pay for!
True, there IS about 6 inches of each roll that APPEARS to be non usable , but, If you would READ these reviews BEFORE you purchase this, you'd know that you can peel the backing off, and yes, it becomes usable.
It appears that you may not get the same tapes that are in the photo, but, I guarantee, these are really pretty tapes .
They stick very well too.
So, if you are looking for WASHI tape, these ARE NOT for you.
These are cute, whimsical glossy tapes,.. The
Way to usevthem, are endless.
I gave 5 stars because these were EXACTLY what I though they'd be.
60, shiny, whimsical, small rolls of tape. For a bargain prices of $10. (Amazon Prime Price)
I'm one very happy customer в™Ў

This product is so cute and the colors are so bright and playful. I do really love that it comes in its own carrier. My only disappointment is that it's a very small amount of each roll. I guess 9 ft per roll isn't as long as I thought. I think I would buy this again same product again. I've included a size ratio.

Smaller than I expected but the tape is super cute. The first 6 inches or so of each roll can't be used, they put a non stick thing on it for some reason.

Sure the tapes have a little white backing, but that's so you can see the designs clearly as they are somewhat transparent. I use these tapes to code which USB dongle goes with which keyboard or mouse. I have quite a few dongles :-) Also it's great for decorating stuff. I'm pleased with the tapes and I can easily remove the white backing and use all of the tape, just be careful not to let it curl up too badly. I was planning on using this on gifts for the holidays because it was cheaper than cello tape, but that didn't quite work out for me. The other tape was easier to use while wrapping. But this stuff is oodles of fun and I love the different designs as crazy as some of them get!

I loved the patterns on the rolls.
A few things to note: We used this for a craft project at a conference. Take time to prep the tape first!

Like many other reviewers said, this is NOT WASHI tape, it's just tape. Also, there is a piece of paper on the tape, so you need to get each roll "started". Once you get past the paper, it works fine. Also, you'll need scissors to cut this. It didn't make the clear tear that regular tape does.

I purchased this to use as a Christmas gift for a teenager. I think she'll love it. There are a lot of designs and the tape will be good for decorating her journal, stationary etc.

My daughter found this on the internet and had to have it. So many cool colors and designs the possibilities are endless. She has made so many cool craft projects using these. Already anticipating buying more of these as she runs out! The fun part is watching her look on websites designed to give her do it yourself craft projects. It is a cool kit and engourages her to use her imagination and make things for her room and her bathroom.

Totally adorable! Love the variety of designs. I would've preferred a little more tape, but for the price, I'm satisfied. I would definitely buy more.

I got this for my granddaughter who is 9 years old. She really loves tape and really enjoyed the varieties of all the different kinds of tape color and designs. She really enjoyed this gift and that made grandma very happy!

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