PlushCraft Puppy Pack (3D)

PlushCraft Puppy Pack (3D)

Plush Craft allows children to make high quality fabric creations with no sewing required.

Create three 3D figure pals! Use the stylus to punch pretty fabric and make this fun and easy fabric-by-number craft. This no mess craft teaches imagination and pattern recognition and creates a finished product that is sure to brighten up any little girls' room.

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Comments / reviews:
This was the cutest crafting kit! My 5 year old loved making these puppies. It was actually super simple to do, and really fun. The pieces all pop in easily and it exercises great hand eye and fine motor skills. The finished product is fun to see and gave my daughter a really great sense of accomplishment. Loved this kit. Very straightforward and fun. Would purchase again as great gifts.

Loved it! Three girls ages 7-9. Very easy for them to assemble. Wanted me to buy more!!

These are small, but adorable. My 12 year old daughter loves to do crafts & put these together in a few hours.

Great fun for ages 8 and up. Good item for slumber parties, or a get together for young girls.

Made this as an art project KIDS LOVED IT !!!

Gave this to my 7 year old daughter for her birthday. She and her friends made all of the dogs during the party (it was a sleepover) and they really enjoyed the craft. The dogs came out cute, too.

Granddaughters have many hours of fun time putting these together.

my 6 year old granddaughter loves these things. they are very easy to do and keep her engaged.plush craft puppy

Fun and fairly easy to make :)

Sweet deal

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Plushcraft Makes Fabric Crafting Fun And Easy. Use The Stylus To Punch Colorful Fabric Pieces Into Premade Pillows, Room Decor Items And Even 3D Pals! This 7.5X12x3 Inch Package Contains One Pillow, One Stylus, 360 Fabric Pieces And Five Accessories. Warning: Choking Hazard- Small Parts. Not For
5 years & up. Children will love displaying their creations from this fun arts and crafts project! Use the stylus to punch fabric pieces into the model to create your own 3D plushy pal! This adorable puppy figure adds style to any room. Mess-free and sew-free. Contents: 1 model, 1 stylus, 500+