Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Kit, Twinkle Tiaras

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Kit, Twinkle Tiaras

Product Description

THE ORB FACTORY-Sticky Mosaics Kit: Twinkle Tiaras. Every little princess will love decorating her very own tiara! This fun kit includes six tiaras each ready to be embellished with a variety of colorful sparkling sticker and gemstones using a mosaic-by-number technique. Complete package contents include six tiaras and over 1300 sticky foam and jewel pieces. Recommended for ages 4 and up. WARNING-CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported.

From the Manufacturer

Decorate-by-number with this simple and easy to use craft. Have fun with Sticky Mosaics when you create 6 beautiful tiaras. Adorn them with jewels and encrust them with gems because this kit comes with hundreds of sparkling stickers. Easy to use and fun for kids of all ages – simply follow a numbered pattern to decorate every angle of this pretty box. Sticky Mosaic Twinkle Tiaras are wonderful fun for parties and sleep-overs.

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Comments / reviews:
Bought for my daughter's sleepover birthday party - great activity that kept the girls busy for almost an hour. I think any little girl between 5 and 10 would love this. The girls were still wearing them the next morning at breakfast from the evening before - and everyone wanted to make sure to take their tiara home.

Makes a sweet bday gift to most any little girl!! I am going to use this as a craft item for my daughters bday party for all of the girls since it is a girls party!

This toy is GREAT! My 4 and 6 year old spent a good 45 minutes straight working on a tiara. It kept them busy and interested. They are good quality, they are pretty, they fit great and you can take them on and off easily with the velcro straps. Great toy! I will probably buy it as a gift too.

Purchased this gift for the 7 year old daughter of a friend and it was a huge hit. It really allows for a girl to use her imagination and artistic abilities. Very entertaining and a great way for the parents and the kids to play together as they assemble their "jeweled tiaras." A great value and lots of fun play-time for the price paid.

This is so adorable. I bought it for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas and she just loves it. Very easy for her to do all by herself, which is amazing because I'm usually stuck with doing projects like these....so 100 stars for making it easy for my child to do.

My niece loves this so much I've gotten it for her 3 times because she keeps asking me to!

My 4 year old loved this craft Idea and we even had some other girls over 8 and 6 and they loved it as well. It's easy to follow directions and if they can peel a sticker off a page, they should be able to do this as well. I think it's pretty sturdy but if it's not being played with as a tiara it will eventually rip. Luckily there are 6 so there are plenty more to make. I would definitely but this again.

These are fabulous - however I wished it didn't have numbers all over it so kids can be creative and place the diamonds wherever they like. Most of these were left undone with lots of empty white squares with numbers on them :(

Bought this for my 7 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She loved it and made a couple tiaras for her and her sister, as well as for some other things. Worth the money.

This is a great project for practicing numbers 1-9. Associating a sparkly gem or sticker with each number puts some excitement into numbers for my little 4 year old princess. It's a good busy project too! Great for rainy days or really great for a princess party for kids who know their numbers pretty well. The only downfall is that the velcro that attaches the crown in the back will not stick to the crown very well .I think I will super glue it together--but then the size will no longer be adjustable. Overall it's worth it just to practice numbers and play with sparkling gems and stickers.

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