Sticky Mosaics Heart Box

Sticky Mosaics Heart Box

Product Description

You're going to fall in love with this new heart shaped box! Punch up the glam with color and jewels and it becomes the perfect place to stash all your favorite trinkets and treasures - simply decorate by number with hundreds of sparkling jewel stickers. Orb Factory's Sticky Mosaics line of decorate-by-numbers craft kits continue to delight crafters young and old. These easy to do projects let you create your own craft masterpieces. Your completed Sticky Mosaic Heart Box is a perfect place to store all your valuable jewelry. Includes a heart shaped box with mirror and felt and 500+ sparkling jewel stickers. New for 2010.

From the Manufacturer

Orb Factory's Sticky В®Mosaics line of decorate-by-numbers craft kits continue to delight crafters young and old. These easy to do projects let you create your own craft masterpieces. Your completed Sticky Mosaic Heart Box is a perfect place to store all your valuable jewelry. Includes a heart shaped box with mirror and felt and 500+ sparklng jewel stickers. New for 2010.

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Comments / reviews:
kids love it! thanks!

Big box and fun to do! Grandchild LOVED it!

Just received it. I bought it for my daughter for her 6th birthday. So far so good. Everything looks great. The heart shaped is made of tough cardboard material, just incade some of you are wondering. I haven't tested it out yet with all the sticky jewels, but I'll give an update once my daughter gets a chance to work on it.

The jewelry box is pretty and more durable than I originally thought it would be. It has survived two show and tells and trips between houses with only five missing pieces. Because my daughter decorated it she takes very good care of the box. I wouldn't have thought that this product really encouraged creativity but there were enough extra jewels that she was able to personalize it. I was very happy with this product.

Our 5 year old grand daughter absolutely loved this gift. She and her 6 year old boy cousin spent hours putting the jewels on. When complete it was dazzling and she cherished it. She is keeping her nail polish in it.

This was the perfect gift for my 4 year old. She loved taking off the gems and putting them on the box to decorate. It wasn't too difficult and the end result was amazing. The only disappointing aspect of this toy was that the gems started to fall off the box rather quickly. I expected some to fall off eventually, but not in the same day. Luckily they provided enough extra stickers for replacement. Even though I know that the gems fall off, the price is right and I would still buy it again.

My 5 year old granddaughter loved putting the "jewels" on this cardboard box and she did a beautiful job. However several jewels fell off which we remedied by using a glue stick on the back of the jewel. My granddaughter was so proud of herself and I was surprised that she could focus on a project for long periods of time.

very cute. my 6-yr old granddaughter loves crafts and stickers. can't go wrong here.

Very cute when finished. Suitable for 5+. My 6 yr old granddaughter had no trouble, easy for her on her own.

Nicely made and lots of fun for grandma sleep over.

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