Crayola Comic By Me Kit

Crayola Comic By Me Kit

Nurture a child's artistic talent and their love for books with Comic by Me, a complete kit for writing, illustrating and publishing your very own comic book. Children write and illustrate their comic using the materials provided and receive a full-color, professionally bound and printed comic book. With up to 14 book pages, a dedication page, a title page and an "About the Artist" section on the book's back cover, young children can put their most creative stories into a comic book that will be treasured for years to come. The production and delivery of the finished comic book is included in the price of the book-making kit.

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Comments / reviews:
I was very pleased with the Crayola Comic By Me. Kit! I like how it includes its own pen , pencil , and colored markers . It also has very easy instructions that are not complicated for a child to understand.

Grandson just loves it. works on it every day

This is a great idea. When I saw it I immediately thought of a friend's daughter who is an incredible artist for her age. (Her Dad is too.)

So I got this for them to work on together. They have not finished it so they haven't sent it in for the book yet. But here are the initial thoughts. There is both a book and sheets to send in. So you can keep a draft book and send in the sheets.

The negative is that there really are not that many marker colors included. But they are not special markers, so if you are already an artistic household, you probably have a good variety of markers in the house.

I have used kits before similar to this where you get to create something at home and then you send it in to get it completed. What I liked about this kit is the fact you don’t have to pay postage or additional fees to get the completed item.

Inside this kit you will find 12 colored pencils with a sharpener, eraser a tracing pen and a 16 page template.

When I first saw this comic kit I was excited to find a gift that would be creative, artistic and fun. Ultimately after you finish the project you send away to have it professionally bound comic that you will be able to show friends and family and keep forever.

Crayola should include an extra blank page in case you make a mistake, as it is hard to erase. A nice touch to make it more “professional” would be to add a dedication page.

Since many children will not know what to expect I think Crayola should of included a bit more guidance and help on how to start your story or give some ideas.

If you are giving this to a younger child I am afraid that it might not be something they will have the patience to complete.

Since I am a fan of Crayola I had crayons, and markers, which I was excited about using to write my book. When I realized that you could only use the colored pencils not only was I shocked but also surprised as who doesn’t like to use Crayola crayons????

I would recommend this product as a wonderful way for your child to use his or her imagination and see where it takes them.

I just opened this kit today. I got it for my grandson for Christmas. We have not used it yet. It comes with colored pencils and a marker and paper. Other markers and pencils may be used, but you can't glue or stick anything to the pages. There is a sheet for the cover of the book and about 17 for the story. It also includes an 'about the author' section with a place for a photo for the back cover. Once the pages are colored to our liking, we will mail them in the addressed and metered envelope (no charge for postage). The instructions are simple. This is a do-it-yourself book. No drawing or writing how-to instructions are included. The website has even more information and customer service is very nice. Once received, a book will be made and mailed back. More copies can be ordered. I can't wait to do this. Since this is the comic version, it may take awhile to get all the pictures made. There is a 'my story' version that has lines for a story on each page. But even in the comic version one can write or draw whatever they want. It will be great.

Included in the price of this kit is postage and a finished comic book. If you were to open the box not knowing that, you would be insanely mad at the price. The kit itself is very simple. There's some colored pencils(which they recommend using over other brands), a pencil sharpener, a pencil, and a pen. There's also the ordering form, the mailing envelope, and the sheets to draw on. It's very, very simple as is.

The beauty of this kit, though, is allowing a child to be artistic and creative, and getting their very own comic book published. I imagine there's very few children out there that wouldn't be proud to hold their own book, that they created themselves.

Just make sure your child actually finishes the project, or you've wasted a lot of money!

Note: Spelling errors and such WON'T be corrected. The book will be printed as is. Also, it's not recommended to use stickers and photos on the pages, other than a photo on the artist/author page.

My son is at an age where the wheels turn in his head whenever he sees something that even hints at creativity.He may not have developed his stroke enough to be creating his own comics, but he certainly loved the process presented by this kit. Without prompting, he even storyboarded what he wanted to tell. There was no superhero, instead it was a story taken from his own life (his recent broken leg), but then, the story is his own to tell. I'm sure in his mind he is a superhero.

The product is basically a quick entry into the world of self-publishing for the pre-teen set. While we, as adults, have and others, they have a brand they recognize in Crayola and a format they understand best, picture books. We'll probably try again in a year or two, once his comic book awareness is raised (he knows the characters from Marvel and DC, but mostly as Lego characters) and we'll see what he can do.

Graphic novels-better known as the new name for comic books for adults-have been my passion for several years now, beginning with the Walking Dead series, and refreshed by the Chew and the American Vampire graphic novelizations. My oldest son has always liked to draw and write, and has done a previous comic by this company that we loved, so we jumped at the chance to do a graphic novel.

The kit is easy to use, easy to draw on and easy to send away to get published (and to use the web address given to order more of for relatives and friends who want a copy). The book came back in two weeks, and was picture perfect, the colors captured well, and the story my son created in an easy to read format. This is great to inspire your budding visual artist/writer in your household, and very reasonable. I highly recommend.

This kit was so fun to create with my nephew. He is in 7th grade and at his first glance I think this appeared to be a little too babyish for him. However he is just hilarious and I knew once he got going on this book he would adore it. He had himself cracking up as he worked diligently on his comic book character that was similar to himself, just a much more dramatic version. It couldn't have been any more fun watching him be creative and have a lot of fun with this. He isn't a huge comic book fan, but it didn't matter. It was lovely that it was something completely different and fun for him to do. Not to sound like an old lady but it was lovely to see him enjoy something that didn't have a screen. We are still waiting for the final book to be mailed back to us, but the process was extremely simple.

This excellent Comic by Me Kit has kept my son busy for a number of weeks now. He is still not done, so I do not know what the final comic book you get back will look like, but the concept is great. My 8 year old has been occupied and using his creativity to create his own comic. When he is done, getting there, we will send the drawings in and Crayola will make it into a real comic book for him. So again, this review is based on the concept and the time my son has been using this and not on what the final product will look like or quality. We like this product very much and its a great alternative to endless video games.

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