4M Weaving Loom Kit

4M Weaving Loom Kit

Product Description

The 4M Weaving Loom Kit is the perfect introduction to a classic craft hobby that can last a lifetime. Learn the ancient art of weaving with this complete mini-loom kit. The kit includes a 6.5-inch by 8-inch weaving loom, plastic needle, shuttle and weaving comb. Enough yarn and warp string is included to create a cell phone bag and three (3) coasters. Detailed instructions for use and care are included. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

From the Manufacturer

The 4M Weaving Loom Kit is perfect for beginners. Includes a 6.5"x8" weaving loom, plastic needle, shuttle, weaving comb different colored yarn and wrap string. Comes with detailed instructions to make one cell phone bag and three coasters. A hobby that will last for a lifetime.

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Comments / reviews:
We have a crafty granddaughter and she loved making things with this loom. The instructions were easy-to-follow. The yarn colors were bright and fun for her. She has gotten a lot of joy out of this loom. Now I need to get her more yarn to go with it.

Very fun kit. Easy to use, simple directions! Any age can use this and it is very sturdy. Highly recommend

Bought it to see if I actually liked weaving since it was such a small investment. Worked great and perfect for small projects.

A fun way to learn if weaving is for you. buy some extra yarn to make sure you have enough. This is plastic and has small pieces so I would think not good for small children.

grand kids loved this

Great price, I'm teaching myself and 9 yr old daughter and we're having fun learning.

Purchased for Christmas for my 7 year old step daughter and it was a good choice

arrived on time and was just as described. i found the instructions easy 2 follow and enjoyed making different things

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