Reviews Rite Lite Judaica Design-A-Draydel Kit

Rite Lite Judaica Design-A-Draydel Kit

Craft time for the whole family. Simply have fun decorating these 2 Large wooden draydel s-customise them your way. Ideal holiday activity. Fun and educational. From Rite Lite Judaica.

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This is a cute holiday craft and one of my sons Hanukkah gifts this year. He got right to it and painted both right away. The paint is a little thick for the wood so it kind of covered the symbols, but we could still tell what they were. It was worth the cost.

This item arrived promptly and met expectations. It is a gift and I will replace the paints with felt tip pens because I think the user ( a 6 year old boy ) will find it easier to manipulate.

My boys had a great time painting these dreidels and they spin very well. Also, considering that they've survived my children for a month now, I'd say they're quite durable. :)

It is more fun to have a dreidel you made yourself. I offered permanent markers as the kids are middle-school age. The markers allowed for better detail, and of course, autographing them.

Bought this for the 4 year old and almost 2 year old boys I nanny for. It's a fun little arts and crafts project. :)

Great activity for hanukka!

good value.

For Hanukkah I bought the draydels thinking it was going to be a nice project for me and my son. I was correct with my assumption. We had so much fun decorating them and we are still playing with them. It's fun doing projects together.

I can't wait to decorate this with our child . Greats Chanukah craft

Nice kit. My son enjoyed painting these and we used them throughout Chanukah.

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