Jar Melo Silky Crayons-24 Colors Washable Rotating Non-Toxic 3 In 1 Effect(Crayon-Pastel-Watercolor); Coloring Gift for Kids; Art Tools; Twistable Slick Crayons; Big Size; Jumbo;Xmas - Christmas Gifts

Jar Melo Silky Crayons-24 Colors Washable Rotating Non-Toxic 3 In 1 Effect(Crayon-Pastel-Watercolor); Coloring Gift for Kids; Art Tools; Twistable Slick Crayons; Big Size; Jumbo;Xmas - Christmas Gifts

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We had the Crayola version of these, which we loved because my baby was able to color with them easier than regular crayons. But these are better than Crayola because there's a bigger variety of colors, and the caps stay on the un-crayon end while in use. They are very messy compared to regular crayons, but they are very washable.

These are great!!!! Best crayons I've ever bought. Bought them for my 18m, 3.5, and 7 yr old and they are so soft and glide well. Washable. Perfect!!

Excellent crayons. Each one is big. And just as its name “silky crayon”, very smooth gliding when used. My girl loves them and calls them “paper’s lipstick”. Later, we will add water to try pastel.

Very nice product! Love it. My little 2 year old carry it everywhere saying "my, my, my".

good saturationпјЊnice colors and smoothly sliding. like it.

Wow, just made a fake tattoo for daddy, so cute!!!! Isn't it? My little princess really wanna make a butterfly on her face. Why not? We love these items so much!

Highly recommended! You will be HUNDRED percent surprised by the time you receive the item.

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Product DescriptionCrayola Fun Effects Twistable Crayons are a fun twist on everyday coloring activities. Each crayon offers either a bright burst of color, a mixture of colors, or both! Add new depth to your creations, with this truly unique Crayola coloring set. Build up your color collection
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Crayon, Pastel and Water color (All in one) Vivid, opaque colors for creating the smoothest blends. No mess, no waste, no odors. Water-soluble colors easily wash off with water. It can be used as a crayon, blending of pastel, and with a wet brush it turns to a watercolor paint.
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From the ManufacturerCrayola 4ct. Crayon Cello Pack has non-washable crayons. It has classic colors and great for birthday parties. These crayons are great for stocking stuffers for the holidays. Kids have lots of crayons to go around.