Stephen Joseph Lacing Cards, Princess/Castle

Stephen Joseph Lacing Cards, Princess/Castle

So much fun for a toddler! Each Lacing Set includes five themed cards and five coordinating strings; a zipper pouch is included for easy storage. The Lacing Card set helps the little ones to train their hand-eye coordination and color matching.

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Comments / reviews:
My three year old enjoys these. They're cardboard but very sturdy. She is definitely encouraged to work on them by the princess theme.

They seem a little "babyish" BUT my kindergarten students love these! And they are very good for fine motor development. A bit pricey.

Our 3 year old sons loved these!

Great quality, my grandson loves them

Great item, My daughters love this.

cute and awesome!

These are great

Child-friendly, CUTE graphics, nicely packaged in a heavy plastic, recloseable storage bag. I've purchased lacing cards in the past only to be disappointed that the card holes were ragged and the cheap polyester laces caught and frayed. But these cards are heavy-weight cardboard, and the hole edges are cleanly punched. In addition, the cords provided are better quality than most. I bought the Dinos and the Vehicles editions of the Stephen Joseph Lacing cards and am happy with both purchases. Recommend!

I purchased these for my grandson. They are strong enough to put up with a 2 year old's abuse. They feel substantial in your hands. I was concerned that they may be too flimsy for a toddler to play with. They are not. Great quality. He loves them.

Absolutely cute! Exactly what I was looking for! The product is cardboard and not wood- but looks and feels durable.

It also comes with a bag to hold it all. Loving to keep everything organized, this was a delightful surprise!

Great product!

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