Derwent Inktense Ink Blocks, 72-Pack (2301980)

Derwent Inktense Ink Blocks, 72-Pack (2301980)

Derwent Intense blocks are versatile, water soluble, chunky blocks of vibrant ink-like color that bring a fresh perspective to your work. Use them as pans of paint, apply color directly to wet or dry paper or fabric and turn them on their side to cover larger areas. Washed out, they become transparent, ink-like paint that can be worked over when dry. They can also be used for rubber stamping and decoupage and work beautifully with Derwent Intense Pencils. The tin of 72 includes: Sherbet Lemon, Sun Yellow, Siolian Yellow, Golden Yellow, Gold, Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Orange, Tangerine, Mid Vermillion, Scarlet Pink, Poppy Red, Hot Red, Chilly Red, Cherry, Carmine Pink, Crimson, Shiraz, Red Violet, Deep Rose, Thistle, Dusky Purple, Mauve, Dark Purple, Violet, Lagoon, Peacock Blue, Navy Blue, iron Blue, Deep Blue, Iris Blue, Bright Blue, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Dark Aquamarine, Turquoise, Green Aquamarine, Mallard Green, Teal Green, Iron Green, Ionian Green, Vivid Green, Field Green, Felt Green, Apple Green, Beech Green, Hooker's Green, Light Olive, Spring Green, Fern, Leaf Green, Mustard, Amber, Tan, Oak, Saddle Brown, Baked Earth, Willow, Red Oxide, Madder Brown, Dark Chocolate, Bark, Sepia Ink, Indian Ink, Chinese Ink, Charcoal Gray, Payne's Gray, Neutral Gray, Ink Black, Antique White.

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Comments / reviews:
These are unique. Water-soluble ink in blocks the size of pastel sticks. Many vivid colors. Versatile and easy to work with. They make a great portable sketching kit. This and a few water brushes are all you need!

It is INK, so it sticks to any absorbent ground... paper, clayboard, canvas. It is one of the few pigment mediums that will adhere to Yupo fairly well. Once it is THOROUGHLY dry, it is waterproof. That makes these great for under-drawings!

The colors flow like watercolor in thin washes, or become as opaque as gouache when applied thickly.

You can draw with them, then add water to melt and blend colors. You can shave away pigment with a knife or sandpaper to create new color-mixes and add water to make beautiful effects.

Having raved about the quality and the value, I can only make one small complaint. Though this deluxe collection with all the colors is very nice to have and a good deal, you don't need all those colors. I suggest you start with a smaller assortment like I did. Then, if you find them useful, you could invest in more colors. As it is, no-one sells open stock versions of the other colors, so the only way to get some of the colors is in this large package. That's a shame, since some colors are obviously more useful than others and people always have their own favorites.

HEY! DERWENT! Start selling these individually!

Other than that, I can find no fault with this unique product. They are one of the best inventions in art materials in the history of human endeavor.

I have been an artist for as long as I have been alive, so when a new and wonderful creative toy comes along I just have to try it. Well, I love these Inktense pencils and blocks! Pen and ink work was never so much fun! And an added bonus is that I can use these to color work I have done on wood. The colors are brilliant and, on wood, they allow the grain to show through. They are permanent, so I can put a finish on my work without worrying about it running. Only con is that a few of the colors are not as lightfast as others.

If you like working with Inktense pencils, you'll love the blocks. You can cover large areas of your substrate with the side of the block or use with brush to block for more intense colors. Once dry, they stay put. Good selection of colors. I lucked into a really great sale price on Amazon and celebrated with this buy!

Came all broke in half. Very disappointed. Had to send them back. I have a small set that I am in love with and will use them. I sure hope some one figures out a better way of packaging these. They would sell more if there were more care in the shipping method. I am not grading on the shipping just to make myself clear. My review is on the performance of the product and these are awesome.

Love Love Love these! Arrived just fine--only one of the stix had a minor break in it--no matter because I use a waterbrush to obtain the liquid ink for my pieces. Colors are bright and vivid

1st time puchase of these pastel blocks, I call them sticks. They are much softer than Premier NuPastel Firm Pastel Color Sticks.
Love the quality and softness of these blocks and will be using these often.

OMG! These are the most incredibley unique art product I've ever used. They lay down with water, but once dry, they are permanent!!! So you can layer these luscious, intense, vibrant colors on and on! The are like ink you apply with water. I love them! Highly recommend! The blocks and pencils are equally awesome!

Beth Hayden, Art Studio 990

LOVE These!! They are Water-soluable ink in block form and once dried, they are permanent. You might have some breakage during shipment, so that's something to consider but they still work perfectly fine. Super vivid and vibrant but no lightfast testing has been done so you might want to do them yourself. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

very good product.

love these- they can be used like watercolors, but are permanent because they're ink. can be used to draw with, then brushed over or pull color off the stick with a wet brush and paint. either way, you get intense, permanent colors. I can't wait to ply with them more!

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Included Colors:Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, Yellow Green, Phthalocyanine Blue, Lamp Black, Bright Pearl Red, Pearl Orange Yellow, Shining Pearl Blue, Pearl Violet, Pearl Apple Green, Neon Purple, Neon Red, Neon Lemon Yellow, Neon Blue, Neon Green
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