Wool Felt Jewelry

Wool Felt Jewelry

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Fun to work with and easy to use, colorful wool felt makes unique jewelry. Design a fashionable necklace, bracelet, pin , barette and earrings, all with this one great kit! Only simple sewing required

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Design a necklace, bracelet, earrings, pin, and barrette all with one great kit. Wool felt is fun to work with and easy to use, only simple sewing required. Includes jewelry findings, glass and wooden bead mix, needles and thread. Ages 7 and up.

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Comments / reviews:
fun! my 7 year old niece liked this kit. she had fun, but needed a lot of help. it was a little challenging even for her bright mind. it makes it look like it comes with a bunch of stuff, but really it is small and simple. the packaging it HUGE for what it actually contains. I wish it had more things to put the wool on. like hair clips, pins, etc. she doesn't have her ears pierced and it came with a bunch of earring stuff. we still had fun using it. and actually combined it with the shrink a dink stuff to make necklaces and such.

It was a fun kit to do with my 8 yr old daughter.

Fun but super easy to lose small pieces that are sort of rolling about free in the box , I love that there's no plastic bags, however the findings keep sneaking out the crack of the box. Therefore, I'd say better for kids a bit older .

Got as a Christmas gift for my niece, I think she’s going to love it!

A little complicated for a 6 year old but with help from an adult it was a fun project.

well made product you will love this if you get it

I ordered this a Christmas present for a 9 year old who likes jewlery and crafts. The kit contains enough to keep her busy for a while.

My niece loved this! A great high-quality gift for a pre-teen who loves crafts. The package is small but the contents are high quality.

First of all, the materials are gorgeous. I love working with real wool felt it was a lot of fun to sew with the craft thread on the thick pieces. MUCH easier than the typical cheap flimsy felt that falls apart. My daughter and I literally spent hours crafting our original designs and have gotten lots of compliments when we wear them! It was fun playing with the pretty glass beads and wool pieces, deciding which colors looked nice together. The detailed instructions were also very helpful and gave us good ideas to start with. Bonus that the kits are made at Goodwill! Would definitely recommend this product.

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