Spirograph The Original Spirograph

Spirograph The Original Spirograph

The award winning Spirograph is back. This fun drawing set will have your budding artist creating a kaleidoscope of colors on paper. Stars and stripes, ribbons and bows, circles and squares, third dimensional images large and small…you name it. It will keep both the Spirograph wheels and the wheels in their mind turning.

Unlike stencil art that requires the artist to follow a pattern, the Spirograph toy lets you create a variety of artistic treasures. Spirograph has distinguishing wheels and rings that intelligently merge the principles of art and mathematics in a way that has inspired and captivated generations. It encourages friend and family fun, maybe even a little competition. Whatever the case, be prepared to watch the power of the artist’s imagination spill onto paper or canvas.

You can use your Spirograph with more than just the art markers provided. They work great with ballpoint pens, colored pencils or fine tip paint pens as well. With the Spirograph, millions of possibilities will be created by simply rotating a plastic wheel inside a plastic ring and tracing the wheel's path with a pen, pencil, marker or paint pen of your choice.

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Comments / reviews:
Those rainy days keep my 7 & 12 year olds busy with Spirograph. They will have a creative time with this. It is for the summer on rainy days or in the evening for the kids to stay entertained and make designs. The grand-kids love to visit Meme & Pops most of the summer are with the while the parents are working. No Cell Phone Games Here!

Way cool that I could share this drawing set that I had as a child with my granddaughter. I do miss the little pins it used to use to hold down the wheels and instead now uses putty. She is 10 and loved it! This set has lots of different parts so the design options seem never ending! I think if you remember it as a child and liked it, you won't be disappointed with this set. It's recommended for 8 and up on the box. I'd say small children might have a problem with some of the different shapes, other than circles. And it takes coordination to get the hang of it. Our 10 year old had some mess ups until she got the feel of it.

Bought this one after losing the pieces to a larger set. My son played with one at school, so we bought the identical set. Works well, though a bit of a motor-skill struggle for my 7 & 8 year old kids. Lots of fun for me though. Markers aren't very good - dried out quickly, but we use twistables, pens, pencils, and our own markers.

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Sent to my grandson and my daughter texted me saying how much they both love it. I think it skipped a generation but it's nice to know children still like it.

This was as much fun for my son as it was for me when I was a kid. There are no pins anymore, though. Now it's the plasti-tac that holds the rings down. It doesn't work as well as the pins, but there are still holes in the rings that would allow the use of pins.

got this for my niece for Christmas. She loved it. Looking at it sent me back like 30 years to my childhood when I used to love my spirograph. :)

This has been a ton of fun for me and my family. My 5 year old son enjoys it although it isn't easy for him. It's slightly flimsier than the old one at my grandmother's house. But as long as you make sure the ring and disk are both facing upright (you can tell by the lettering) the teeth grip well. I can still make the same million patterns I used to make, just as quickly (i.e., slowly) as I used to.

Nice artsy activity for kids! Needs to be packaged a little better though. Once it's opened, the smaller pieces tend to fall out of the box. This set with a thick freezer bag or other set with a metal storage tin might work better.

Purchased this for my great-niece and nephew for Christmas. I remember this was popular with my siblings and I when we were kids and hoped another generation would also love it. Difficult to compete w/flashy, contemporary toys but I spent a recent evening creating w/nephew and he loved it. In fact the Spirograph pulled him away from his favorite iPad game! Like all the best toys, it is open-ended and limitless. My nephew is only five but he actually picked it up very quickly. I also think part of the draw was sharing the activity w/his auntie - me. Children love it when caring adults join their play and Spirograph is a great way to make that happen.

My 8yr old daughter loves to draw. I remember loving my Spirograph as a kid. I figured the two would be a perfect match. I wasn't wrong! She loves seeing the different combinations she can come up with.

The same difficulties I remember as a child are still there - mostly getting the wheel to stay in the guide and getting the wheel to rotate smoothly. But these are things that will improve with time and practice. In the mean time my daughter and I enjoy making crazy designs together!

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Product DescriptionSpirograph is back, and it's better than ever. Since it was first introduced in 1965, Spirograph has made it possible for aspiring artists of all ages to create beautifully intricate designs. Engaging and fun, the Spirograph is the perfect addition to slumber parties!From the
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Product descriptionSince it was first introduced in 1965, Spirograph has made it possible for aspiring artists of all ages to create beautifully intricate designs, originally developed as a drafting tool, by a mechanical engineer named Denys Fisher, the distinctive wheels and rings of the
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Welcome to 7TECH MALL. We are committed to deliver best-in-class services to our customers, and continually improve our operational excellence 1.The toy lets you create a variety of artistic treasures 2.It has distinguishing wheels and rings that intelligently merge the principles of art and
Take your whirling spiro-tastic designs to a new dimension with the Spirograph 3D Kit from Kahootz. Use the Spirograph wheels, rings and rack to create colorful designs. Put on the 3D glasses and watch your designs POP off the paper. It's amazing what you can create. You get everything you need to