Paper Nano Kyoto Temple Building Kit

Paper Nano Kyoto Temple Building Kit

Paper Nano Kyoto Temple Building Kit

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I very much enjoyed this project. Intricate and detailed end product after several hours work was highly satisfying and a fun way to occupy my hands while watching tv. I liked it so well that I'm going to try another. OH and this isn't a cheap product as indicated by another reviewer....the quality was quite nice and on the level of a kit you might get from The Paper Source.

These nano kits are great once they are assembled. They provide a nice artistic display. Some of the parts are very small and some you have to be very careful when bending them. Sometimes a slight modification of the building technique needs to be used than what is shown in the graphic building instructions.

The details in this are gorgeous- Most of the paper looks like lace and is so delicate. It came out smaller than I thought it would, but it looks really nice. "Eiffel Tower" is printed in the paper on the base of the tower and adds a nice touch. If you enjoy a challenge and are detail oriented then this is for you!

A fantastic addition to the collection! Love the depth and detail to all of these Nano models and this one is no exception. The colors, background, and overall aesthetic appeal, make them fun to show off. This one is also a beginner level one to build and was not terribly difficult in any respect with the exception perhaps of the one or two smaller pieces but even these weren't unmanageable.

Very nice but rather difficult to assemble

Really love this. Took a few months to arrive, but it is worth it after you put it together. The detail is incredible.

Gorgeous paper model - easy to assemvle, you just need hobby knife, tweezers and good quality white/paper glue (uhu brand or other high quality scrap booking glue works great) and some toothpicks to apply the glue. Highly recommended!

I love doing these!! The instructions are well done and easy to follow.

make sure you have the correct glue, I did not have it so it made it more difficult

Small and tedious. Wouldn't recommend a young person assemble it. But overall very nice product.

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