Crayola 8ct Write Start Colored Pencils

Crayola 8ct Write Start Colored Pencils

Product Description

Big, bright Crayola(R) pencils with hexagonal shape that is easier for young hands to hold and the extrathick (5.3mm) tips add durability. Certified AP nontoxic by the Art and Craft Materials Institute and conforms to ASTM D4236.

From the Manufacturer

Crayola 8ct Write Start Colored Pencils. Thick soft leads. Meets the needs of early childhood.

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Comments / reviews:
These are my favorite beginner colored pencils.

- shorter and chubbier than regular pencils, but longer than golf pencils
- angled sides (vs. round) make them much easier for young children to hold
- colored "lead" is a nice balance between soft and firm allowing for both easy lines and nice shading
- nice selection of basic colors

- unusual diameter makes it difficult to find a sharpener (I use a wider sharpener so it is not a big issue)

All in all, a great colored pencil for preschool and kindergarten children working on grip.

These are perfect for a child's first colored pencils. The tips are softer and broader and the barrels are thicker for little hands. I am so happy they are available from Amazon because I could no longer find them in stores.

These are my favorite crayola product, and they are hard to find!
My super-destructive toddler has not broken these. She can bang the tip, and only a little breaks off.
All of her crayons (even the thick ones) are in pieces. The markers she uses have the tips smashed in.
These color smoothly and have a nice feel to them when held. Good range of colors to start with.

I bought these for my two year old daughter who loves to draw and color. She loves using these pencils.

1. I haven't had a single lead break, which is great considering a two year old is using them.
2. They seem to work just fine. They color as well as other Crayola colored pencils.
3. They are shorter than Crayola's other pencils and that's great for little ones.
4. They are angular which makes for good gripping for little ones.
5. They fit in a standard sized pencil sharpener.

I have three children ages 7 and under (and another due any day). So, I've had plenty of opportunity to discover how art supplies can lead to HUGE disasters! After marker tips had been chewed off by our first two children, I decided that markers and little children were not the best combination. After crayons were chewed on, and the drool ended up on the carpet, crayons were not on the favored list either. Plus crayons break easily. So, our coloring utensil of choice in this household is the colored pencil! These are are truly the BEST colored pencils for the toddler/preschool stage. Very easy to grip, cute designs on the side, they don't break and of course less messy than any other coloring options. I definitely recommend these colored pencils for toddlers and preschoolers. I just wish they were more easily found in local stores. Since they're not, I was very glad to be able to order these through Amazon & will continue to purchase them!

These are fat crayon/pencils.... not exactly colored pencils, and not crayons..... but more like crayons in a 'wooden' pencil like casing. They are durable and strong and we completely prefer them over regular crayons. Worth the price.

I bought these for my four year old son to try to encourage him to practice handwriting. He was having trouble holding a pencil properly and also needed to strengthen his hand muscles. These were the perfect solution - they are a larger size pencil so easier to little hands to hold. They are also shorter than your standard pencil, so not too top heavy to control. And the colored pencil material is soft and not like the hard waxy stuff that crayons are often made out of - making it easier once again for my son to write. Of course the attractive colors and cute illustrations on each pencil made it fun for him to choose which pencil to use during our writing sessions. Absolutely recommended.

These used to be available from Office Depot, Walmart, an numerous other customer conscious outlets. But it seems that the present outlook of the retailers is, the customer does not have the knowledge to make the choice. We who have taught the young, future leaders, an citizens how to draw, color, enjoy without making nasty marks of color on floors, desks, tables, and walls are greatly in debt to the "AMAZON" organization for providing a place to purchase a quality product, made by a professional , financially excellent, corporation. The only thing I would like to see is the statement on the package, that says "MADE IN AMERICA". For that I would be willing to pay 0.50 cents a box more.

My 2 year old loves drawing and coloring with these. We've used them several times over about 4 months now, and they have not broken or been damaged in any way! She's able to practice drawing lines and circle, the octagonal shape gives her a nice grip. We're very pleased with these!

I like drawing for my friends' toddlers and was appalled by the faint scribbles their color pencils made, no amount of sharpening or applying pressure when drawing helped. So I went on a quest to find some real color pencils, like ones whose colors you can actually see on the paper. Thanks to the amazon reviews I found these and was not disappointed. Vibrant bold colors that you can see. I like how the pencils are a bit larger than normal, too. I have given them as gifts to my friends' kids, and now I have something nice to draw with when I entertain them. One thing that I saw was the minute they were handed the pencils the kids dropped them on the floor. I do hope the leads inside did not break, I haven't needed to resharpen them yet so I don't know how they are holding. My point being, the pencils are great out of the box, I only don't know how durable they are yet.

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