Reviews Crayola; Large Crayons, Black; Art Tools; 12 ct. Bulk Crayons; Bright, Bold Color

Crayola; Large Crayons, Black; Art Tools; 12 ct. Bulk Crayons; Bright, Bold Color

Product Description

Color performance and wash-ability in one Features bright color and a creamy consistency that educators prefer. Good secondary color mixing for teaching color theory. Provides good opacity and coverage, and can be used on a variety of surfaces including newspaper, cardboard, and papier mache. Colors: Orange Chemical Compound: Tempera.

From the Manufacturer

Crayola 12ct Bulk Crayons are educator-preferred and provides hours of creative coloring fun for classroom groups. Classpacks meet the needs of teachers for distribution.

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Great product. Crayons are not for children alone anymore. Love the size and being able to get individual colors like this is a plus. Love all of the colors but use the black and whites the most. These are tops.

Do you have a child who loves to color and draw in crayon? In our house, no matter how large the new box of crayons, a meltdown soon occurs because the black is used up within a week. It's the color they draw with and outline in and want to write with, so it gets worn down quickly. This 12 pack of large black crayons has been a real help. I keep it out of reach and dole out new black crayons as needed. The larger size means they last longer and having 12 means I can go longer without buying a new box, problem solved.

What's not to love?

They are terrific to use for making rubbings (i.e. of tombstones, or metal covers in streets), and the extra thickness means you can comfortably use them sideways (peel off the paper) and they won't break. Thanks very much for carrying them!

Always use up the black crayons first! Love that I can buy just black ones and they are the large ones so they last longer!!

Just what I was hoping for! I have been using china marking pencils for sketching in a figure drawing class. I was hoping that the crayons would be more smudge proof. I used them this weekend, and they worked better than the china marking pencils because of decreased smudging, and because my lines and shading were darker with them. I sharpened them with a large eye liner sharpener.

I was thrilled that a pack of black crayons came in a pack as I always outline my drawings with black before coloring them in.


I homeschool my 5yr old and he always wants to use the black crayon while doing his workbooks. I was so excited to find just a box of black crayons. He was really excited about it too.

Classic Crayola Crayons in a class pack. We use the white and black crayons for a number of classroom art projects.

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Crayola 16ct Large Washable Crayons is an easy to use sturdy crayon for younger children with no messes.
Combines 128 Large Crayons and 128 Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers in one handy pack. Sturdy storage box is ideal for classroom and group use.
Crayola Washable Crayons have vibrant colors in a truly washable formula and easily wash off walls with warm water and a sponge.