Reviews Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons with Brush, 15 Colors - Premium Quality Art Supplies for Kids

Faber-Castell Watercolor Crayons with Brush, 15 Colors - Premium Quality Art Supplies for Kids

The paint is in the crayon! Watercolor Art for young artists is easy to do, just add water. Use the included paintbrush to instantly mix these gorgeous, bright colors. Includes 15 watercolor triangular shape crayons that allow for better control and grip. Bonus - crayons won't roll off the table! See your child's artwork come to life in vibrant, high-quality color. Faber-Castell Water Color Crayons are non-toxic, acid free, conform to ASTM D-4236 and are great for ages 3+.

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I bought these watercolor crayons for my art journal and couldn't be more happy! They are amazing! if you don't want to deal too much with water you can get a brush with a water chamber so you don't have to have a cup of water that might spill everywhere. All you need is to color what you want and then brush on top of it and instantly you have a watercolor background. It is the best thing that I have bought! and since it's for kids is less expensive. Great product!!!!

I love the Faber-Castell - Watercolor Crayons. They make watercoloring images so easy.

what an a mazingly rich product. Bought this for my 3 and 5 yo little artists, but I was in awe of the richness and ease of use. The only complain is they tend to break easily (at least easier than the crayons we are used to.
Another definite plus is that they are vegan!!!

My son used these in his kindergarten class and loved them. The only thing you have to be sure of is that they don't color too hard or color the picture in completely. The picture will become too saturated. All in all this is a great product and way easier to use than water colors. I feel it's easier to have you child keep dipping into water to clean the color off than to accidentally mix colors in a typical watercolor tray.

good selection for any artist at the beginning of their venture into art

These watercolor crayons are ideal for young painters- they aren't rated the highest but the price is right and they work fine. These were purchased for my granddaughters who have used mine and need their own set.

I used these in a VBS environment. I was really hesitant with the kids we had because of their ages (4-5 pre-kindergarten) & previous difficulty with the other kids crafts we had for them. However, to my surprise they picked up on how to work with these and the coloring & painting they did with them was their favorite project all week. If only I hadn't of waited until the last craft night to figure that out.

Christmas gift. Big hit. Passed the analytical scrutiny of a discerning young artist. I'm very pleased. You can't get much past a smart six year old.

Used these for face painting very gentle and easily washes off!

Really not much to report other than I am happy with my purchase of these after color crayons.

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