Crayola Glow Book

Crayola Glow Book

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Crayola Glow Book

Crayola Glow Book

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I have received my order and I am very pleased with the product, quality, presentation and packaging! Thank you!!

bought this for my son for his birthday. he loves to draw and we just can't keep enought paper on hand for him. So when i saw this i was like gotta have it. It's so easy to use it has different layers or pages, that you can draw on mix up anyway you want put them in any order you want. It's great cause if he messes up one on layer he can erase that & start again new without messing up the other pages or layers. He will play with this for hours on end. when the markers run out you can use DRY ERASE markers & they work great. I will be buying another one of these cause my daughter wants to be a fashion designer & she will use this to designer her outfits & her brother runs threw the house looking for his glow book.

Great product which allows you to animate like the old school animators cell by cell. Works well. Plastic plates scratch very easy so be careful when cleaning and using the plates.

Granddaughter enjoys it. Would recommend to others.

The boy I gave that as a present was amazed by it!! He started playing with it right away, and I just had to get the batteries to see him "disappearing" for days and days creating new drawings and watch them at night. Brilliant!

I like this product. My daughter did also....until she realized that she had to figure out what to do with it after she tried the initial example that they provided. I am not sure if she is just not interested or that is what happens with this type of toy. This may be what a lot of other parents are experiencing. What I would suggest with this toy is not to get it unless you are very aware that whomever you are purchasing this for is very much into drawing-a lot. Otherwise, I do not believe this toy will get much use.
I still like the idea of it. Very clever.

Every year my gradnsons class adopts a child for Christmas from the the Childrens center and gives them a party and gifts
They have a meet and greet to get to know them and see what their interests are, and go from there.
this year after quizing my grandson I found out that all this boy wanted was this Glow we got it.
Of course he got more gifts than this but my grandson said his eyes lit up so big when he saw it,and wrote a
thank you note to the class saying he loved it, and everything else ...he was 6 ..the class made a big difference
for this boys Christmas and so did the Glow Book.

This product says for ages 6, but my 6 and 7 year old need my help getting the plastic pages in the skinny slots. You really need some pressure to put them in. The buttons are not labeled either to let you know what each one does. I wish it came with more templates also since only one was included, wish I knew where to get more. They have a hard time coming up with ideas for this. The really thought it was cool after using the template, then after that, they drew a blank.

Crayola had once again outdone themselves, this toy is incredibly cool. My ten year old daughter begged for it for Christmas and everyone was sold out of it a werk before and I can see why. It has wowed every adult and child that has seen it. My six year old son also enjoys it and my eighteen month old daughter gets a thrill watching the animation her siblings have created time and time again with it. A definite must have toy for any child six and up!

My son loves this, you can make a ton of different light shows this is a really cool book.

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