Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kit - Green Metal Hook

Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kit - Green Metal Hook

New Rainbow Loom hook with metal tip and Mini Rainbow Loom. The back-side of this package contains an Anti-Counterfeit Secret Code to verify the authenticity of this Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kit.

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Comments / reviews:
So glad to have this hook! It's sturdy and strong, allowing me to do simple tasks as well as complicated ones. The handle is a fun green color, exactly as I wanted. The hook is just the right size and curve. The texture of the hook is great, just the right amount of "slippery" to hold what I'm working on while allowing movement. I recommend this hook, and suggest you buy multiple since everyone will want one.

I purchased for my 9-year-old granddaughter in Michigan. Though one hook purchased already broke, I am hoping this hook holds up better since it was advertised with the Rainbow Loom kits. The package arrived when expected, and my granddaughter was excited to get a new hook to continue her loom projects.

We bought this, a ton of colorful rubber bands, and a bunch of little charms for our granddaughter... The whole family now has a collection of rubber band jewelry... lol... Great together activity and for rainy days when you're stuck in the house...

My kids all have one of these hooks and I have to say it's great! They don't break hooks all the time anymore and it's deep enough to use on the bands. We had been looking at regular crochet hooks so we could get a metal one and nothing had a deep enough groove to use with the bands. This has saved the day. It's very sturdy and easy for the kids to use. For anyone doing lots of loom band creations, this is s must have!

I love this new metal hook. No more busted bands. The handle is super comfy and the hook is perfect for all types of rainbow loom creations!

They love these types of hooks more than any other hooks, if you're doing bandaloom you need the smaller tip hook to reach in and pick up the bottom bands. the thicker or plastic don't work so well. I love these hooks because they love these hooks. You paying more for a color though. A good study hook. Love Love Love

As my daughter got good at the Rainbow Loom she is pushing the rubber bands and equipment to the limit. The last hook tool she had cracked and this one looks very sturdy because the part the she broke on her Rainbow Loom included hook is now metallic on this hook. Should last awhile!

The new Rainbow Loom kits use this metal hook. I think they're a bit easier to use if you're doing a more complicated configuration. The metal hook is somewhat thinner than the plastic, allowing you to get into tighter places.

My daughter loved getting this because she needed something easier to use to make her bracelets. It is very durable and small enough that I can put it in my purse for her to use on the go!

This is an original product of rainbow loom. I have gotten cheap knock offs and was not happy at all.
This hook is well worth the money and Prime 2 day delivery is the best.

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The Original Rainbow Loom from Choon's Design. The kit comes with 600+ assorted bands featuring the new metal hook and 24 large C-clips.
New Rainbow LoomВ® hook with metal tip and Mini Rainbow LoomВ®. The back-side of this package contains an Anti-Counterfeit Secret Code to verify the authenticity of this Rainbow LoomВ® Upgrade Kit.
Makes personalized bracelets with alphabets and patterns easily and quickly! Alpha loom kit includes: 1 Alpha loom 1 Alpha comb 1 metal hook 50 c-clips. Over 1000 specially-designed Alpha bands 1 instructions manual.
Rainbow Loom Bands are hard to find, but loom bands makes it easy! Loom Bands are high quality, 1.5MM thick, and 100% compatible with Rainbow Loom and Fun Loom and all rubber band making jewelry kits. Available in more than 2 dozen colors, you will save when you buy Loom Bands * Loom Bands are
All of our Rainbow Loom supplies are guaranteed 100% authentic and are purchased directly from the Rainbow Loom company. Each pack of solid colored Rainbow Loom rubber band refills include 600 bands & 24 clear c-clips. We do our best to capture the true colors of the Rainbow Loom bands in each
Rainbow Loom Replacement hook (without Mini Loom). 5.5 inches long.
We are the creator of Rainbow Loom , formerly known as Twistz Bandz. Great Gift! Make super fun to wear rubber band bracelets and more! Rainbow Loom products are BPA-free, Phthlates-free, Lead-free, and Chromium-free! Includes pack of 25 c-clips.
Rainbow looms Alpha loom rubber bands that are specifically made for use on the Alpha loom. Each band is smaller than Normal Rainbow Loom bands, and adds to the quality of each design
Do it Yourself Elsa & Anna Rainbow Loom Kit. Make your Own Frozen Rainbow Loom Bracelets and Add Disney's Frozen Roxo Charms. Includes 300 Frozen Rainbow Looms, Rings, Roxo Bands & Frozen Charms. All interchangeable with other Rainbow Loom Sets. 7 Charms Include Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, Sisters &