Make Your Own Sticker - 96 Stickers Assortment, includes: Zoo Animals, Cars, Sea Creature, And More - For Kids, Arts, Parties, Birthdays, Party Favors, Gifts, Crafts, School, Daycare, Etc. - Kidsco

Make Your Own Sticker - 96 Stickers Assortment, includes: Zoo Animals, Cars, Sea Creature, And More - For Kids, Arts, Parties, Birthdays, Party Favors, Gifts, Crafts, School, Daycare, Etc. - Kidsco

Make Your Own Sticker - 96 Stickers Assortment, includes: Zoo Animals, Cars, Sea Creature, And More - For Kids, Arts, Parties, Birthdays, Party Favors, Gifts, Crafts, School, Daycare, Etc. - Kidsco

Want your kids to get creative?

Maybe you want some for the classroom.

Either of these stickers will do the job!

Kidsco’s 96 Pack of sheets from Zoo Animals ,Cars, Sea Creature, sticker set is ideal for children.

Set comes in a pack of 96 sticker sheets with 20-24 stickers per sheet.

This means you'r getting over a Few hundred stickers!

Stickers come in a variety of Octopus, turtle, fish, sharks and other sea animals. Zoo Animals ,Cars, Sea Creature,

Sheets come with different body part stickers and accessories adding even more variety.

The possibilities are endless!

With over a Few hundred stickers you can bring these to parties, daycares, school etc.

Can be used in the classroom for educational purposes to teach children about aquatic creatures.

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Comments / reviews:
Great value! For this price I got 96 sheets of stickers, that's a lot of goody bags I can fill... I have not opened the packages, or used them yet, so I do not know the quality. But I love the idea of creating your own sticker animal. Four stars for value and idea!

We got 12 each of 8 different sticker pages in this package - pig, lion, monkey, clown fish, shark, rhino, dinosaur, and race car. The kids in our afterschool craft program had a great time swapping eyes, noses, and horns and making mixed-up animals. I wish there had been a greater variety (I was expecting 8 each of 12 pages) but what we got worked well.

I was a little skeptical at first when I initially placed my order. However, when they came in the mail, I couldn't have been more pleased with these sticker packets. They are very great quality and just as described. I am planning on taking them with me when I babysit.

I bought these stickers for my 3 year old to keep him entertained while we were traveling, he really likes them and kept him busy. These are really cute I wasn't expecting them to be so small sheets but it is my fault for not reading that these were meant to be for party favors either way I'm happy with my purchase and I will be buying more.

These were purchased to the preschools treasure box. Kids love stickers, love animals it's really a perfect 'non-candy' prize!!

These stickers are awesome! There's about 6 or so different images and 100 stickers in the pack. I send them in my kids' lunches sometimes. I'll even send 2 so they can share with a friend and they all love it. I may even use these in some birthday party favor bags too. You could also use some of the leftover pieces and make faces on bananas, sandwich bags, etc. Great item!

These are well priced and good to give out in favor bags.

Cute and creative item for kids gift bags.

Used as Halloween give aways and the kids loved them

These were great in birthday gift bags. The 4 year olds thought they were great.

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