ECR4Kids GelWriter Gel Pens Set Premium Multicolor in Black and White Coloring Box (36-Count)

ECR4Kids GelWriter Gel Pens Set Premium Multicolor in Black and White Coloring Box (36-Count)

The 36-Count Gel Pens in Coloring Box by ECR4Kids is ideal for coloring, scrapbooking, journaling, drawing, or anything else you are looking to create. Great for older kids and adults, the convertible box allows you to display pens in your choice of standard or stadium style on your arts and crafts table, office space, or classroom. The color assortment includes 36 unique colors in a variety of attractive ink types including -- basic, glitter, metallic, neon, neon glitter, silver glitter, and pastel. The gel pen tip sizes range from 0.7mm to 1.0mm and the check safe ink is fade and water resistant. All pens feature a durable pocket clip along with a latex free comfort grip for precision pen control. Fine tip pens with free-flowing ink that is acid-free, archival safe, water-based, non-toxic. Intended for use by ages 15 and up. With a concentration on the Pre K-12 sector, ECR4Kids offers a wide range of products including classroom tables and chairs, preschool rest time solutions, hardwood storage cases, blocks and manipulative, mobile organizers and a variety of indoor and outdoor play structures.

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Comments / reviews:
Haven't used the pens yet, but don't understand the other reviews about the box. My box arrived very colorful with no additional coloring needed.

This assortment of 36 gel pens comes in a handy box. The pens are held in place by a plastic insert which has a hole for each pen. The plastic insert is designed with a pop-up feature which slants the pens. Instructions are included on how to use this feature. It's easy & clever.

I do a lot of coloring & have several brands of colored pencils. I have a few Sakura Gelly Pens. This set of ECR4Kids is the first set of gel pens I've used.
These pens have fine tips which make filling in tiny design details much easier.
If you're used to using colored pencils, be aware that it takes a while for gel pens to dry. Touching them before they're dry will smear the color.
If you touch glitter gel pens after they're dry, your fingers will get some glitter on them.
The colors do not have any numbers or names which makes it difficult if I partially color a picture and come back later to finish it. I will probably number each color & make a numbered color chart. (I will be uploading a color chart soon)
Some colors are similar.
The set includes metallic, glitter & basic colors. I included the neon colors with the basic. I admit I had trouble figuring out which colors are pastels. A couple are obviously pastel, but I don't see many pastel choices in the 36 pc. set.
The colors are pretty.
The gel ink is water resistant. Don't shake, tap, disassemble or chew on the pens. The ink might stain clothing & carpeting.
Some of the lids are hard to remove.
So far the pens color smoothly.
Because of their fine tips, coloring large areas with these gel pens could be very time consuming. I'm using them to accentuate smaller areas, adding pops of color to pictures I color with pencils, adding little patterns to pictures, and they're great for layering detail on top of dark colors.

Even though my review shows I received the colorful box, I received the black/white coloring box for reviewing purposes.

Very nice set of 36 gel pens.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention I tested these gel pens in several coloring books with a variety of paper types and the ink did not bleed through to the back of the page, unless I colored heavily.

I didn't realize when ordering these that the box comes un-colored. Wow! My daughter was thrilled with that. She's got many of the new style of coloring books and loves them, and she will enjoy adding color to this box. She has recently started a bullet journal, so the great variety of pens in this compact box will come in very handy. So far, every one she's tried has written smoothly and easily right from the start. Often when we've bought pen collections, there are inevitably a few "duds" that don't write well; that's not the case here. There is even a plastic tab you can pull if you want the pens to be displayed in graduated rows. My one complaint is that some of the caps are difficult to remove. That can be frustrating. Otherwise we are very happy with this set and its clever box.

The ink in this impressive assortment of gel pens flows smoothly and they don't smudge. There are pens in blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and green shades, in neon, chalk, metallic, glitter, and traditional textures.

I'm really smitten with the packaging. It's a handy cube -- 36 pens in a compact box you can easily find room for on desk or shelf. The box is a coloring surface -- it comes in black and white and you can use the pens to color it to suit your tastes.

The interior section is plastic, not cardboard, so it keeps its shape and holds all the pens neatly in separate holes. Pull up on a plastic loop at the back and tuck it over the back of the open box, and you'll have what the manufacturers call a "pop up" feature. It holds the pens in serried rows like bleachers so you can see and reach every pen. Tuck the loop back down and you can close the box for storage.

Every desk deserves some snazzy colored pens. You may use them for coloring, doodling, color-coding your notes, or adding a bit of flair to charts. Kids and teens will love them, too.

I have on my desk for testing and review the ECR4Kids GelWriter Premium Multicolor Gel Pens in Coloring Box (36-Count). The first thing to note is that Amazon shows a brightly colored box that stores the pens when, in fact, the box is not colored – that is left for the owners of the pens to do or not, as the mood suits them. The next thing to note is that a plastic insert allows the user to lift the pens up from the box for display, a very convenient design innovation.

Now, about the pens themselves. The ad for the pens says “for kids,” but any adult who enjoys coloring will find these pens useful for that purpose, or for any other writing purpose, for that matter. The pens have a fine tip and the ink is free-flowing ink; the pens glide smoothly on paper without skipping and the ink dries immediately. The ink does bleed through thin paper – not much, but it is noticeable. The set includes 36 unique colors in six different ink styles -- basic, pastel, neon, neon glitter, metallic and colored glitter. The ad for these pens tells us that the pens are acid-free, archival safe, water-based, non-toxic ink with fine 0.7 to 1.0 mm tips; soft latex-free comfort grips. As mentioned, the packaging of the pens is excellent and allows for easy access for all pens and the tops of each pen shows its color for easy identification.

One special point to note for all those readers who are thinking of buying these pens for use in coloring in books – the line for the pens is very fine, which is great for tight places, but not so good for filling in major areas of a design.

Six people have reviewed these pens and all have given them five stars and I am going to add to that list. Five stars for these excellent and inexpensive coloring pens.

Unlike many people who buy gel pens, I did not get these gel pens to color in one of those adult coloring books.

I got them to grade papers. Everyone thinks you have to use a red pen to grade but what you really need is a pen that is not black or blue. Gel pens are wonderful to grade with because they glide like a marker but write much more precisely. Plus, I like grading in non-traditional grading colors like orange and pink and with glitter.

So, how do they work? They are excellent. They flow smoothly and practically glide across the page.

Note: these are not fine tip pens so if you are getting them to color very tiny areas, these may not be your best choice.

The pens come in a cardboard box with an attached lid that you flip open. The box is about 50% bigger than a boutique tissue cube. Inside, the pens are all arranged by color so that you can see the lids and pick out your color. The lids match the actual color of the gel ink very well.

I like these pens for journaling and most writing that I do. I don't like using pens for coloring as much as either colored pencils or crayons.
These pens come in a lot of colors but some of the colors are just a shade or 2 off sometimes making it hard to see the difference unless they are near each other. The metallics are my favorite to use as they are smooth and are so pretty. The neons are not the best for shading or coloring as they see to have a finer flow of ink and seem scratchy on the paper. Some colors are very light but are best for shading their darker color. The colors are bold and are great for when I journal. I love using different colors and this set provides a vast amount to choose from. I've used another brand of gel pens but The ECR4kids are higher quality as the ink flows with no blobs of ink or cases of when the ink skips.
Writing with these pens is smooth and I highly recommend them especially if you are looking for metallics.

I have almost every gel pen made. I have ordered everything from Gelly Rolls and I've ordered everything from high-end writing sites and more. I am a bit of a connoisseur when it come to gel pens and pens. These are not the top of the line quality pens that I've purchased from expensive stationery sites. They ARE much better than the typical craft store sets for $10. And they have some of the most beautiful inks I've seen. There is a dark emerald/forest green that is something I've never seen before - not in this exact color before. The inks colors are very rich and flow well from the pens. The ball points are very good.

The only downside I see are that the caps are tough to get off and I'm concerned about their longevity, and as is the case with many gel pens, they will smear easily if you smudge the ink before it finishes drying.

A couple other points worth mentioning, the case that is pictured so beautifully actually comes un-colored. You get to color the box yourself. My daughter loved that! I kind of liked it too - it is a clever way for you to reference what the colors will look like when you use them.

Also, the case is designed so you can easily lift all of the pens up onto an arena seating style angle so you can see the back row as well as the front row, this is also easy to reverse. It is a clever design feature to add in to an inexpensive set of pens. You may, or may not find yourself using it - but it is thoughtful.

Overall, for a relatively inexpensive set of gel pens, this is a NICE set and comes in creative packaging that makes them even better. A great gift idea for someone who like gel pens. I'll check back in later if I have a problem with them drying prematurely or the caps breaking or anything like that. So far very happy with them.

Thoroughly enjoying these pens. They are of good quality, do not skip, dry quickly and look great. The box is meant to be colored and also acts as a color test pallette for these medium point (I'm guessing 1mm) gel pens. A very cool feature of the box is the plastic lift tab that elevates the pens for easy access, while providing a stable base for pen removal and storage. Favorite features are how smoothly these pens flow, along with the large amount of glitter pens in this set. They work equally well on smooth paper as they do a rougher-surfaced pulp paper. Beginners up to seasoned colorists and scrapbookers will love this set. Would make a thoughtful gift. Very highly recommend.

There's a lot to like about these gel pens. First of all, they come in a cool case, which can be colored in! It holds the pens well, in rows, so you can easily pick the one you want. I like it that there are various shades of several colors, like blue and green, because often when doing a coloring project, I like coloring similar things each a different shade of a color, like leaves in different shades of green. Some of the colors are glittery, some have smooth pearl-like look, and some are more standard. The glittery ones show the glitter well once you use them, which not all glittery pens do.

The pens themselves are average. Mostly, they started well and had a good stream of ink, but a few did need to be scribbled into writing on a separate piece of paper. The points were fairly small, so coloring in any larger area takes a while, but doing small details works well. The ink seems to run out fairly quickly---I had a few run dry after not what I'd see as very long at all.

Basically, decent enough pens with a better than decent case and a good variety.

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