Decorate-A-Great Snowman 40 Piece Wooden Accessories Decorating Kit

Decorate-A-Great Snowman 40 Piece Wooden Accessories Decorating Kit

AWARD WINNER! Make your snowmen stand out! Our exclusive snowman decorating kit has everything you need to turn gleefully rolled snow into a crowd of captivating characters. Choose from over 40 whimsical and colorful wooden features (shaped like eyes, noses, mouths, ears, buttons, and headwear) to create truly memorable additions to your wintery family. This snowman decorating kit makes it so easy, you can change your snowmen's identities every day if you like. When the snow starts to melt and what you thought looked like a king turns into what truly resembles a fox, you'll be ready! The sturdy components, which are all reusable, are attached to wooden dowels that you simply press into the snow. And the pieces are BIG and BRIGHT. Everyone will be able to see and enjoy the 12"-tall hat and 9"-tall grin, for example. We especially love the bold crown! Mixing and matching snowman features is a great way to spend a day in the snow with your children and friends. Snowman kit comes with a cloth bag for easy storage—until the next time the snow falls! For ages 5 and up.

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Comments / reviews:
Absolutely worth it!!! We'll be making memories with this set for years to come and then some. Pieces are large and colorful, perfect for a unique & memorable gift!

Such cute pieces!! Bright and colorful and a very good size!!

Grandchildren loved it. So did Gramps.

everything looks great out of the package. Not enough snow to use yet

A gift for my daughter and her family. They are now waiting for it to snow so they can try it out!

As expected

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