Space Stickers (100 Pack) 1 1/2". Paper.

Space Stickers (100 Pack) 1 1/2. Paper.

1 Roll ~ Space Stickers ~ 100 round paper stickers ~ approx. 1.5" ~ New/Shrink-wrapped.

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Comments / reviews:
I went to an actual shop for Oriental Trading when I was younger. It was somewhere in the Chicago land area. Many years ago my mom took me. We both continue to order from this company and while shopping on amazon they happened to have the stickers I liked! Definitely check them out. Some house decor and different holiday decorations or furniture can look bigger online but just measure to make sure it's what you want. Used these for my son's 3rd birthday party and now we use them and other little stickers & prizes from this place and amazon for potty training rewards.

I bought these to give away to kids that come into my work. It's nice to put a smile on a child's face, from giving them a sticker. They're great stickers, great price, I will be purchasing more in the future.

Cute space stickers, a good amount in the roll. These are good quality, they work for my space loving son, and I imagine would be good for teachers as well.

Cute stickers. Keeps my 2 year old twins busy during church. They stick really well. The boys like to stick them on their legs (while wearing shorts). They peel off without hurting them. Good buy

Great roll of stickers for any project needed outer space decorations. Easy to peel stickers off backing.

great favor for our astronaut party

Space Stickers! Perfect for VBS this year, and I've got way left over too


perfect addition to the party favor bags for our son's rocket ship themed second birthday; we had individually wrapped rocketship cookies that I made and then these in the bags

These cute stickers were a hit with the kids. They make good party favors.

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