Klutz The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: Volume 2 Book

Klutz The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: Volume 2 Book

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity has been such a hit that we've followed up with a second book that includes thought-provoking topics such as How to Slide Down a Banister, What We Talk About When We Talk About Wedgies, How to Send a Toiletgram, and more. It's hopelessly goofy and shamelessly wonderful.

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My 10 year old son already had Encyclopedia of Immaturity (Klutz)Volume 1 and loved it. We purchased that one at a Scholastic sale so unfortunately it did not have the spiral binding. This is important because there are pages that need to be photocopied or scanned and printed and the book binding does not lend itself to this.

When he found out that a new version was available, he was thrilled. This version comes with a wrap around hard cover and wire binding.

There is enough stuff in each of these books to keep kids entertained for hours. Some are practical jokes, others are strange facts.

It consists of primarily one page tidbits like "How to Make and Throw a Sloshie" (with water and toilet paper), the Physics of a Cannonball in the Water, How to Play Tabletop Hockey, and one of my son's favorites, How to Hypnotize a Chicken.

A few things are mischievous, others are old fashioned and fun.

They are all harmless and a real draw for young boys and girls.

I originally purchased the Encyclopedia of Immaturity V1 for my nephew but it was such a hit with both adults and kids that it ended up making the rounds instead. When Volume 2 came up for sale I knew I had to get it but wasn't sure if it would "make the cut". So often it seems the first volume is the best and the rest is just added on to ride on the fame of the original. No so with this one!

First, the thin page problem mentioned by many reviewers in the first volume is fixed in this one. Pages are substantially thicker - although that leads to fewer total tips. However the quality of the tips is as good - if not better - than the original. Same silly jokes, fun but young "tricks" and an abundance of totally meaningless activiites sure to delight everyone.

Cover is the same material as the first, very nice and thick. Pages are thicker with glossy sheen made to last longer and wording is in keeping with all the Klutz products (of which we have purchased several including the airplanes, art-rageous projects, museum in a book, Do Not Open this Book, Maze, Bubbles and many others! Each and every one is a huge hit with everyone!).

My younger brother (nearly 40) loved this as did our nephew, 11 year old neighbor and everyone in between. Fun stuff! Perfect gift for younger siblings of any age or kids over for a visit.

Gave as a gift to a friend's son, along with the first volume. He loved it. Great gift. Very silly. Innocent. Good, clean fun. Tough to find these days.

Even our super nerdy loves this. Perfect for 2nd grader!

A gift to a nephew who liked the book and was caught reading it at school by his teacher. This led to a conversation about maturity and how do you know you are there…?? I gave it a high value because of the impact it had on my nephew as I did not read it. It is a challenge to respond to requests to rate books when you give them as gifts - you can only respond based on what others say about it.

Got this for my grandson for Christmas, and he's going to love it. He enjoyed the first book, the red Immaturity one, and so I know he'll like this one, too.

My son has had the 1st edition for a while now and its gotten a lot of use he was excited to see the new one come out. This one is holding his interest as well. He brouses through it at night, has done several of the pranks and when his friends come over they look at it together and compare notes. The book is sturdy and can handle many falls, careless flips through pages and handling by multiple hands at once. Easy instructions and just silly good natured stuff.

I bought Volumes 1 and 2 for my niece. She had briefly flipped through Vol. 1 months before and hadn't stopped talking about it. She apparently loves it, as does my step-daughter; they are both 10. I found it to be trite and rather silly, but I suppose that's why it's the Encyclopedia of "Immaturity." I usually am able to bond with their goofiness, but I don't quite get it this time. But I am definitely happy to see the kids having a positive experience with a book in their hand, and it does incite amusing conversations.

My grandchildren aged 8 and 10 fell madly in love with this book. In fact, it only cemented our silly bond further.

My 10 year old son started looking at this book in a large chain bookstore. He didnt want to put it down. So we deciced it would make a great Christmas gift. We bought both editions. He will sit and read and try all the tricks! He loves this book. It is a wonderful option to have instead of video games. There are tricks and fun things to do. He has made a ring out of a dollar bill and a dime! He will sit and read and laugh with this book. It is so worth the money!

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