Harrisville Designs Lap Loom (Style B)

Harrisville Designs Lap Loom (Style B)

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With Harrisville Designs Lap Loom (Style A), children and teens can master the basic techniques for weaving tapestries, wall hangings, bags, pillows, place mats, purses and more. Harrisville Designs Style B Lap Loom is a simple, authentic and practical way learn to weave. This Lap Loom measures 14.5" x 18.5" and is perfect for weaving a beautiful 12" x 17" tapestry. You can use the resulting fabric to make a table runner or a beautiful purse. This frame loom allows you to weave while the loom rests on a table, on the floor, or on your lap. The jewel-tone yarn and instructions included with the Style B Lap Loom result in a tapestry with the Fiesta Design. The Lap Loom comes with everything you need to complete 1 project: 100% Pure Wool Weft Yarn, 1 oz. Cotton Warp String, 1 tapestry needle, 2 Wooden Shed Sticks, 2 Wooden Stick Shuttles (8" each), and illustrated instructions. Suitable for children ages 7 and up. Winner of the Teachers Choice Award. Harrisville Designs is located in the Monadnock Highlands of Southwestern New Hampshire. A family owned business, Harrisville Designs was established in 1971. Our goal is to preserve and share the textile heritage of our small New Hampshire village, by providing the highest quality materials for easy projects you and your children can make at home. Children feel proud when they create beautiful, practical items they can use at home or give as gifts. Hand weaving, knitting and felting are wonderful intergenerational activities your whole family can share. All Harrisville products are 100 per cent made in the USA.


As kids weave and create textile projects they're proud to keep or give as gifts, they'll be learning math and design skills! How crafty, indeed! With this simple, sturdy, authentic hardwood lap loom, your kids can learn basic techniques for weaving tapestries, wall hangings, bags, pillows, place mats, purses, and more. The larger of the Harrisville Designs two lap models, this Size B loom measures 14.5 by 18.5 inches. Like the Size A loom, it's built with slanted nylon pegs and comes with enough cotton warp string and 100 percent virgin wool yarn to weave one project. Also included are basic weaving tools, including a stick shuttle, a large blunt tapestry needle, and two shed sticks. In addition, a 16-page booklet provides information about the history of weaving, as well as instructions on basic technique. Winner ofLearning Magazine's Teachers' Choice Award, this loom is recommended for children ages 7 and older, although preteens will probably need adult help to get started.--Joan DeClaire

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Roughly a year ago I started getting an itch to learn how to weave. Being in my twenties and with a knitting background I egotistically told myself "I can do this." "Since my Mom used to do it, it must be easy."

Then I read the warping instructions for her old 1970s table loom and choked. "I can tell you that it is going to be a real task to warp a loom, it will probably take all day, and it will take two people," she told me. I just sat there feeling stunned.

Then she suggested that I try this Harrisville Lap Loom, and I loved it. It's the perfect loom for knitters. It is really easy to use and I have already made a set of placemats. --It's not just for kids

SAVE THE BOX: excellent to store loom and tools in, and for the times when you need a lap-table to work.

Purchased this for a 9-year-old who wanted one: they love it. I would not invest in one for a younger child unless they have tried it enough to know that they want to do it: It is a slower, more patient craft, but very relaxing. It also keeps one busy for quite awhile. I would definitely recommend getting the wooden spacer (looks like a wood comb): it really does make it easier and takes the tedium out of the process. The additional colored yarns are beautiful, but cheap yarn from a craft store will do the trick, especially until the weaver becomes experienced enough to really start planning pieces. It's good quality yarn, just expensive for beginner projects.

Really fast to set up: it arrives as shown, all you need to do is knot the yarn at one knob and then wind it across the loom as you loop it over the pegs. Then you are weaving. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The only problem is that now I want one, too.

Excellent beginner loom! It's a great size for making projects--you can easily make a pillow or a small wall hanging. The whole loom is very sturdy. I didn't care much for the string that came with the loom, but it's easy to buy your own. You may want to invest in a little easel to hold this up on a table while you are weaving--it can hurt your back to lean over while working. Great buy!

I purchased this as a tool for my daughter in law to learn how to do tapestry weaving. The size and structure are perfect for learning the different techniques; its portability is excellent. Overall, it works beautifully for my objectives.

It will function quite nicely for anyone wanting to learn standard weaving techniques on a budget. It also would be a good product for making handwoven placemats and other items for use in the home.

Love this loom. It is exactly what I wanted. Very sturdy build and well made. Came with everything listed in description.

Love my loom. Hardly ever use the shuttles and shed sticks so just need to
Better figure out how to use those. It was such a tiny bit of yarn that came with it, I've just been using my own stash. The instructions/pattern that came with it seemed a bit intimidating. It would take
A highly concentrated (and motivated) child to do much more than warp it. Thankfully, there are lots of great YouTube and blog videos out there so I have been free styling it and loving it. Mostly, I was using (and still use) a cardboard loom. Maybe when I get to more complicated weaving a I will see a bigger difference.

I bought this for my 11 year old son for a project for his homeschool art class. It is wonderful and easy for him to use. It comes with one project of supplies and easy to read instructions. He watches a movie and works on it. I am glad Amazon had this Lap Loom and at such a good price. I even got free shipping on it as it was Amazon Prime. Thank you!

Product exactly as advertised. A large hardwood lap loom with a modest amount of weaving yarn to do a all project. It works exactly as it should and is sturdy. My 11-year old daughter did a weaving project in school and wanted a larger loom for herself, and she loves it. We have not had any problems. Her friends from another school did a similar project and upon seeing this, asked their mother for one as well. This was about $13 cheaper than at Hearthsong.

The loom is 1st class and looks like it will last for a long time. The stick shuttles also seem to be thick and sturdy. I would have given the whole package 5 stars, but the shed sticks are way to flimsy - wish they made with a better quality and thicker wood.

I am excited to experiment more with the lap loom!! The price was great and seems sturdy and nice to have some yarn and tools to start with. I wish they had it on the canadian site but I had to ship in the States as it was only available on the .com site.

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