Hermione Granger Artefact Box

Hermione Granger Artefact Box

Set includes Love Potion Bottle, Yule Ball Snowflake Ornament, School Timetable, Owl Exam Paper, Yule Ball Poster, Gilderoy Lockhart Signed Photo and Hogwarts Express Ticket. Box measures approx 8 x 11 inches.

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Comments / reviews:
I was extremely satisfied with this purchase!! The snowflake ornament is actually metal, when I figured it would be plastic or cardboard, and the love potion bottle appears to be part glass as it is much heavier than regular plastic. Higher quality than I had expected. I am definitely interested in the other artefact boxes now!

Everything was perfect!! Just like new!!!

Im very happy with the artifact box but if you are expecting the love potion to be filled with something, it's not. I was also expecting the exam papers to have writing on them. But, all in all, great purchase!

Very cool for Hermione fans. My 11 yo niece loved this for Christmas. Quality and components would not be up to the standard of an adult collector or older fan.

Perfect gift for the Harry Potter lover in your life, or to keep for your own Hermione collection. I highly recommend . Everything is exciting as you open it, and it leaves you wondering what the other Artefact boxes contain. Enjoy

I love this box. Could you make a few of them yourself? Probably. But then you wouldn't have the awesome ornament or the box to store other things in too. But don't pay more than the 35 dollars it should cost. It's not worth it if you overpay!

Shipped well and everything inside was perfect. No complaints. My wife loved it.

Great gift, lots of interesting items for the kids to explore and remember the books and movies by.

Cute box full of collectibles from Harry Potter. My daughter (11) loved it!

Christmas gift, I assume she loved it there was no complaints

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