Crayola 12 Ct Twistables Colored Pencils

Crayola 12 Ct Twistables Colored Pencils

Product Description

There's only one Crayola. Uses: Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils are fun, twisting pencils available in 12 different colors. Turn the barrel end to twist up the color. See how the colored lead is moving inside the pencil. There's no sharpening needed, so simply twist up the color. Non-toxic.

From the Manufacturer

Crayola 12ct Twistables Crayons are cool and won't break.

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Comments / reviews:
OMGosh! Ask me if I love these pencils! My answer is YES! I just got these this afternoon, and I'm going to order a larger pack with more colors as soon as I finish this review. The colors are vibrant and smooth and require minimal pressure to use. The twist feature works flawlessly. I'm using them to color an image with insanely small areas, and it's perfect for filling in those areas. There's no worry about bleed-thru like with markers, so they would be great for using with coloring books that are printed on both sides of the page. I can't comment on how well they will blend, because I haven't tried to do that yet, but my guess is that I will be able to blend colors without any problems.

My kids and I each have our own sets of Crayola twistable colored pencils. My 10 year old son requested this set for coloring a detailed coloring book on history. Crayola is always a trustworthy staple & excellent quality for the price. My kids' only complaints: they don't label these with either a name or number for each color, to make it easy to keep track of which color you were using when you are looking for a specific color, and that a few of the colors look really similar when you use them. (The colors on the shell of the colored pencil look different, but when you color with them, they end up looking almost identical.) Still, you're getting the Crayola quality you know and trust, and I turn to Crayola for my 5 kids. You get so much more usage from these for kids, than traditional wooden colored pencils, due to the convenience of the twistable feature. These will not break easily--unless they're in the hands of a younger kid who would twist the "lead" up and break it off. For this reason, I recommend these twistable colored pencils for kindergarten age and up, but stick to Crayola twistable crayons for the younger ones.

I got these for my grandchildren. This is a delightful product - for the child - and the adult. The design keeps the crayon from breaking so easily and works quite well when you twist to bring up some more of the crayon. They are a bit big for little hands - so I would recommend them for ages 8 and up. I believe they have little half sizes which would be great for the little 3 and 4 year olds. Thanks for a great product, Crayola! You always come through!

I bought these twistable coloured pencils because I like to colour before bed. I have expensive Prismacolor pencils, but I find it's not relaxing to have to get up and sharpen a pencil every five minutes. While these are not the same quality, they have a rich colour laydown, are good for shading, and eliminate so much hassle. I also love the carrying case so that I can put these in my purse or car to use with my on-the-go colouring book! These would be great for kids or just your average causal colour-er! I will be buying the 18 pack! I only wish this pack included pink. 4.5 stars.

Didn't think I'd like these since you can't sharpen them. But I found you really don't need too and it's the main them..

These are wonderful. They are Twista let crayons that gives you much more control. They can slip a little. Great fun for kids and adults alike. I love Crayola products for kids especially though. Will I play with them? Maybe. Attached is what you get :)

These are awesome. They are easy for kids to hold and advance the somewhat erasable leads. The only caveat is that I wish they sold refills, especially since some colors are used up faster than others, and I hate the plastic waste. Dear Crayola, please make refills!!!!

These are great! I never have to worry about sharpening and they pack up easily and travel well. They are a little bit thicker than traditional colored pencils so you can't get a super fine line. They are more like really skinny crayons, but that works just fine for my needs. The colors are a good variety, too.

I used these to color on bible pages, thin paper...and they work perfectly. Soft colors, not a hard pointy tip.......doesn't show through on the other side of the page....a good purchase for what I wanted.

These pencils are in my opinion the best solution for adult color book art. The thin crayon pencil inserts have a fine tip for smaller, intricate patterns, but also have a rounded tip so as to enable color fill. Unlike hard core pencils that require a sharpener and result in a very sharp point that can tear paper, these pencils are somewhat rounded at the tip. This type of pencil is not messy and does not bleed through the paper as ink pens do. They do not require constant sharpening. The clear plastic pencils allow viewing how much crayon is remaining. They are also a good color pallet mix.

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