RoseArt Colored Pencils 72-Count Assorted Colors Packaging May Vary (CYM79)

RoseArt Colored Pencils 72-Count Assorted Colors Packaging May Vary (CYM79)

Coloring pencils are the fundamental tools of any budding artist. RoseArt Coloring Pencils  are easy to use and produce quality color without the mess of wax or ink. These pencils give young artists and crafters smooth, art quality textures of almost every shade one would need for a beautiful and lasting picture. Each pencil is pre-sharpened so they can be used right out of the box, has long lasting colored lead and is made of real wood to make it resistant to easy breaking under pressure. Each pencil is small enough to fit in any sized pencil case for quick and convenient use, or store them in the handy package to keep them all safe and secure.

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Comments / reviews:
These are great colored pencils and unlike some large variety packs where there will be some repeat colors, these are all different and the color very smoothly. Bought this along with the Mystical Mandala Coloring book.

My daughter LOVES these pencils and the color choice available. This will be the third set I have purchased. In part, this is just because she uses them all the time. However, the most recent set mysteriously disappeared from her bag at school after all of her friends were admiring them. We'll keep the next set hidden away in a pencil box to discourage envious kids!

These are great pencils for the price i was amazed at how nice they lay down color and sharpen. They came well packed not a point broken the color's are

I love these pencils !!! I color a lot and I've been using these for a couple of days and they are wonderful. As I use them up I will re-order for sure.

Great set for my niece who loves to sketch and draw all the time, like I use to do. Several colors.

Have used several brands, but these are the best. They color nicer and easier. Don't want any other.

Package came with tear. Glad it was not a gift. Pencils have names of colors. Good variety, most are soft and easily applied. Yellows are vibrant. Many shades of grey and greens.

Great group of colors for the new coloring books.

Nice aridity of colors.

Good pencils

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