U-Create Doodletop Twister Deluxe Kit

U-Create Doodletop Twister Deluxe Kit

It’s a classic toy with a twist.  Doodletop action spins rings around friends and family.  Wind up your Doodletop in the spring-loaded twister and it will spin at the push of a button.

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Comments / reviews:
It is interesting and the result is beautiful.

Great kid toy

My 7 year old loves this!!

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Spin circles around friends, family, and co-workers with Doodletop - the only top that draws! Wide angle spins mean larger spirals, while tight spins make smaller spirals. Tilt the surface to create wild designs! After spinning, use your pen to turn your Doodles into inspired pieces of art by
The top that draws! Spin super spirals to draw unique pictures every time! Switching to another ink color is a snap! Includes 6 different color pens.
Keep track of your awesome moves with the Twister Moves Skip-It! Put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It while you hop over it. How many skips can you do without stopping? The built-in counter keeps track for you while you skip! Get your groove on and keep upping your score while you skip
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What do you get when you mix Twister with dancing and lots of music' Totally physical fun! Twister Moves is the ultimate dance sensation you can take everywhere. Just grab a mat, pop in one of three Twister Moves CDs, and follow the moves that DJ Ray and Diamond J call out. When you're done, pack
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Show off your western style with this Twister western hat by M & F Western Products. Hatband with Twister pin. Rugged and durable design. Crown 4-3/4 and Brim 4.
Maximize your Twister moves with the Moves Tracker! Attached to your wrist with the wristband, the Moves Tracker keeps track of every slide, step, jump and move. Walk, dance and more and the Moves Tracker counts it all! It's easy to use and you can even combine your score with the Twister Skip-It
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