Building Block Tape 3 Rolls Self Adhesive Silicone Strips Loops Construction with LEGO for Kids

Building Block Tape 3 Rolls Self Adhesive Silicone Strips Loops Construction with LEGO for Kids

The father of creation, Mr. Osborn, said,"Man has conquered the world through imagination."

Imagination can enrich one’s ordinary life. The tape will also make your Lego’s world become colorful! With it,
you can create unlimited possibilities, floors, tables, walls, beds, refrigerators, all of which can become your
Lego’s medium of creation. A must-have toy for Lego lovers and kids!

Quantity: three rolls
Length per roll: 1 meter/3.3 feet
Weight per roll: 56 grams/2 ounces
Color: sky blue, grass green, light purple
Material: food grade silicone
Glue: Japan imported washable glue

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Comments / reviews:
This product is a great idea, my kids love this Lego type block tape ,a lot of fun,he can play this lego toy on the wall,that's is so cool,The creative possibilities with these are truly unlimited. also the quality is go good,he can replay it many times,it took only two days to arrive.good price.

Give the daughter's toys. No fluorescent agent. You can rest assured that the baby to use. Worth recommending. Daughter likes to play Lego. I think it should be trained at an early age. Help children's mental development.

Nice product! My son loves it. The quality is really good and fit all his lego. Also the block tape is no plastic smells and the 3M tape on the back is pretty strong. He puts on his bookshelf then his minifigures can climb on. He pretends they are frightening. This tape makes lego to bring much more fun to him.

This building block tap is definitely a brilliant idea. We have so much fun with the tape. Great product.

My son loves this tape! He plays lego everyday. With this tape, he can make all kinds of new shapes.

Kind of small but goes well with my brothers Lego walls construction

My daughter likes this creative product. She glued the tape to the wall, lets the little princess she had built up by Lego blocks was able to climb the wall and she enjoyed the game.

These are amazing. My son had a birthday party and I was able to stick these on the wall and had the kids build legos on them. Another great thing is I was able to take them off the living room wall and put them on my sons wall and they are sticking perfectly

My kids love the logo strip

Very neat concept! Bright colors!! My grandson will love this.

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LET THE FUN BEGIN!- Take your lego Builds to another level. You Can place this virtually on any object or surface, for example: • Refrigerator • Tables • Walls • Windows • Bicycles Material: Food grade silicone Size:92cm*1.6cm Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Purple and
Product Name: Gloween Lego Block Tape >>Non-toxic silicone material >>2 Stud Wide,1 Meter long,250 studs >>4 Colors: BlueX1,GreenX1,RedX1,YellowX1 >>Adhesive on back for easy mounting on any surface (walls, tables, window, ceilings, etc.) >>Compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, Kreo,etc. If you
VERONES Block Tape Set Note: Lego toys on the picture are not included in the package. Don’t let your old building blocks go to waste! The block Tape is compatible with other major block building Brands such as:  • LEGO  • Mega Bloks  • Kreo  • K'nex BanBao •

One roll tape about 3 feet long!
Get Creative! It will open a whole new world of building with Blocks Bricks!
Your imagination is the only limit!
Every kid and adult needs these!
Turn any surface into a building-block base!

We are super eager to help educators create
Stronger & more durable than ever before, our ultra sticky building brick tape outperforms popular & expensive brands. Bendable & shapeable, a Munnlu Lego tape strip can be used to tightly secure builder blocks. Wrap it around corners, glide it along curved edges or apply a single baseplate strip
Let Kids Unleash Their Creative Talent! The Ultimate Lego Build Tape Set Has Finally Been Released! Do you take pride in your children’s imaginative Lego constructions but fear their creations will leave greasy stains on your shelves? Are you on the lookout for an original gift to stir the
R&L building block tape extends the way your kids play with LEGO! These block tapes are compatible with all major block building brands such as LEGO Mega Bloks Kreo. LET THE FUN BEGIN! - Take your LEGO Builds to another level. You can place this virtually on any object or surface, refrigerator,
Reusable (200+times) Our block tape can be reused 200+times, you can stick balloon glue to the tape backing when the original stickiness is too weak to use. Easy-cutting Soft silicone block tape allows you to cut free, according to your preferences. Washable: No problem to wash more than hundreds
Specification: 1.Size: 3.3Feet/1Meter in length, or 2 studs by 126 studs. 2.Color: 8 Colors(Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple, Lightblue, Gray, Orange) 3.Building block tape roll can be easily cut to any size you want. 4. Flexible, Bendable & Shapeable. Clean Method: Wash with water, Wipe with
description The adhesive backing will adhere to any surface, including walls, toy boxes, tables, refrigerator, windows, bicycles and so on. The block tape is compatible with other major block building brands such as: LEGO, Mega Blocks, Kreo and more. We want you to be happy with our products, if