Forest Trails Adult Coloring Book (8.62 x 11.75 inches)

Forest Trails Adult Coloring Book (8.62 x 11.75 inches)

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I wish ALL adult coloring books were EXACTLY like these! I HAD to buy this coloring book (Forest Trails, by Kathryn Marlin), after buying Garden Paths & falling in love with it. I've become a coloring book addict & in my opinion, these two are right up there with Johanna Basford's books.. (maybe better, no 2-4 page spreads, that you have to fight the standard binding to color...) The pictures are all one sided & beautiful, the paper thick & toothy, & each is suitable for framing. I LOVE the 2 clear plastic sheet protectors that are included with each book. They are heavy enough to use forever. There's one that protects the cover which is half finished, so you can complete it by mirroring the colors, & have your work protected & on display! There's another re-usable sheet protector that is easily clipped out, to use behind the work of art you're creating. I use them in ALL my coloring books now. No more worries about markers bleeding thru, or pencil pressure affecting the next page any more! The spiral binding is wonderful, too! Just pick your design, flip it open and fall into the forest. The book lies flat, leaving you unbothered by the binding that is so annoying in other adult coloring books. (HINT #1: I'm taking all of my favorite coloring books to Staples or Office Depot to have them spiral bound. I'm told that you can have one done for $3-4 each. Hint #2: Instead of letting them cut the pages free from the binding of your book, first use a blow dryer or hot iron on the binding. The pages will easily pull from the binding so you don't risk losing anything!).. Forest Trails & Garden Paths have spoiled me. Spiral binding is AWESOME! Also, the spiral binding makes it very easy to make copies on different paper weights, depending on what medium you'll use, or so that you can do each picture in different colors until you find your favorite. Try THAT with books bound the regular way! Last great thing about these two books... There are several "tips" on ways to use these books. My favorite is the one that explains how to use some of the pictures as BANNERS on FaceBook! They are just the right size for a Facebook banner (the background pic on your page)... What a great way to show off yourban work & let all your friends know you love this hobby!

Long story short (Oops, too late!) I LOVE these books & I know you will, too!

This is a really nice adult coloring book with all the features to make coloring a nice picture a relaxing pleasure. The pictures are the original work of artist Kathryn Marlin and are compiled into a unique format for an adult coloring book. The pictures are on a nice weight white stock paper, one sided and the binding is a loop style spiral at the top, making the pictures easy to remove for framing, copying or coloring if desired. There are 37 drawings, one full page picture followed by a banner style similar picture that you can color and use as your Facebook banner. The book's front and back covers are both protected by a sheet of heavy pliable plastic and there is a pliable piece of that plastic inside for you remove and insert between the pages to protect the underside picture from getting impressions or being damaged by bleeding from the picture you are working on. There are even 3 QR codes in the front of the book you can scan, or URLs to type into your browser, to show you a video on how to make the FB banner, how to use the plastic to protect your pages and how to frame your picture when you are done. The cost of this book was slightly pricier than your standard adult coloring book, but I feel it was well worth the cost for just the original artwork, such as the owl pictured on the front cover, and for the extra unique features to make it easier to use and to protect your work are just an added bonus.

Forest Trails Coloring Book

This is my second book from this company and I love them both. The designs are just gorgeous and the paper is thick with a great "tooth." I have enjoyed coloring in the other book and I know I'll do the same with this one. I really love the extra plastic sheet that in included in these books. Place it under the page you are coloring just in case of marker bleed through. I have used colored pencils. gel pens and markers and all do very well. Anyone who loves to color, be it for relaxation or the art of it, will surely enjoy these books.

AMAZING BOOKS! The quality of Kathryn Marlin's books far surpass any other coloring books out there. Then there are the pictures - it's like I can't wait to find some alone time to just sit down and color! My favorite books - I can't wait til she comes out with another one. (first picture is done with markers (Bic) and second is done with pencil.

Beautiful book with large and small pages to color. Spiral bound so there are no "creases' down the middle of a picture. A bit "dear" price-wise but worth the money. "Garden Path" is also a great companion book. FUN !!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The books by this illustrator are some of the most beautiful I've seen. Single sided heavy weight paper, beautifully detailed and varied imaged make for a truly stunning book. My only issue is that when using Pencils, I've found that the ink used to print the book starts to lift. I'm not deducting a star though, because despite it being irritating, the so lovely, it deserves more than 5 stars. I really hope these books become available in the UK. More people should be able to see how beautiful these books are!

Love the book.... it's on high quality paper and comes with plastic back liner pages so colors won't bleed through! I recommend this for anyone who loves to color and loves a good challenge

Love having the plastic protector that can be moved. This way no worry about markers bleeding to another page. All pictures are on one side which I prefer.

Love working on your drawing. They are interesting and funny. A joy to work on. And here are five more words.

Nice coloring book. Thick pages.

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