Seedling Disney's Beauty and The Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Flower Rose Crown Activity Kit

Seedling Disney's Beauty and The Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Flower Rose Crown Activity Kit

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Be our guest! Design your own magical crown with roses and ribbons galore! This easy to make DIY kit comes with fabric rosebuds, flowers, ribbon, glitter glue, and more to create a charming rose crown. Unleash your inner beauty and break any spell, just like Belle!

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Comments / reviews:
I got this for my 2-year-old so she could wear after I put it together, because she loves crowns.

It doesn't give you too many instructions, most of it is to use your imagination and creativity. You get wire crown, varied red flowers, varied yellow flowers, a pack of leaves and stems, glitter glue, ribbon, green tape.

It gives you the instructions to assemble your flowers: grab a bloom, a stem, and a leaf. Insert the pointed end of the stem into the bottom of your flower then slide the wide end of the stem through the hole of the green leaf. Pretty simple, except there are some yellow flowers with golden middles that don't have a bottom that you can slide onto the stem. But there are extra bottoms that can slide into the stem so I used a glue gun to glue those to the bottom of the yellow flowers and then push onto the stem. Then you just assemble the flowers how you like it and use the green tape to wrap around the stem and the crown.

It isn't too hard, but your child probably has to have very good motor skills to do this. It is a bit tricky to get the stems taped onto the crown and getting around the flowers you have already wrapped onto it. I think kids could definitely make their pattern of flowers on the stems and then a parent wraps the flowers onto the crown.

I also tied some ribbons, that came with the kit, to the bottom of the crown and then glued the smaller flowers onto it. In the end you have a lot of stems and flowers leftovers after you make your crown. Overall it is pretty easy, I just wish there was some examples or all the flowers have the right bottoms to put on the stems. I had to use an additional glue gun to finish assembling some.

This is a cute free-form art project. The directions are minimal. Your child will need some maturity to design and assemble the project to meet their desires. You get a simple crown frame with lots of different artificial flowers, leaves/stems, ribbons, tapes, and glitter glue. The project is essentially to tape the flowers and ribbons to the crown, then sprinkle everything with glitter glue. Sounds simple, but laying out and positioning the flowers does require some patience and motor skill from your child. Flowers can be repositioned by un-taping and re-taping. Minimum recommended age for this project is 6 years old because patience your child will need to deal with all the pieces and there are a lot of little pieces that are not appropriate for smaller children.

Making our own Belle’s flowered magical crown turned into a fun and exciting activity for our young Beauty and the Beast fan. For us, it was a nice bonding activity for aunt and neice. The set encourages quiet concentration while it helped build our neice’s imagination. She took singular pride and accomplishment putting the flowers together and finishing the crown with her own hands. She had fun and is excited to own her own craft. It's perfect for a child who is sick, needs to stay quiet or who knows “Beauty and the Beast” by heart and wants an activity while watching it on TV.

The set contains a wire crown (20” round), packages of red and yellow flowers, a package of leaves and stems, a roll of green floral tape, red and gold tubes of glitter glue, 4 strands of satin ribbon. A handy glue gun was helpful.

I thought the Beauty and the Beast Deisgn Your own Rose Crown Craft Set by Seeding was expensive on Amazon until I visited the Disney Store where it was 25% more expensive, and Seedling’s website where it sells for even more. But our neice had so much fun, we are hoping she’ll turn to simple ways to build her own crafts and games.

So very charming! My wife loves Disney, Princesses and crafting so this was perfect for her. She also loves renfaire and this is a way to make one of those cool flower wreaths that lasts forever, rather than a weekend (but doesn't smell as nice, but a little essential oil will fix that).

Very free form, very easy (maybe get better tape, she says). You get a wire crown-20” round,red and yellow roses,rose leaves and stems, a roll of green floral tape, red and gold tubes of glitter glue, and several strands of satin ribbon.

For younger kids, some help would be best.

This kit comes in a large 15.5 X 10.75 X 3.25” box. If you’re giving it as a gift, it would be easy to wrap. . .or place in a bag with tissue. . . or you could simply put a bow on the box.

This item is for ages six and up. . . but. . . especially at the younger end of the scale, kids will need some adult help. Also, there are lots of “little pieces” with this kit, so it’s best not to work around smaller children.

It’s a cute kit. . . but. . . as others have said. . the green tape that is included is not the best. You might want to use real “florist tape”. You might also try a glue gun, if that’s an option for you.

The kit shows to be Made in New Zealand. . . but. . . it says of “local and/or imported components”.. .. which often means the contents are Made in China and simply put together in New Zealand, though I certainly don’t know that for sure. At the current price of twenty-nine bucks, it’s quite expensive.

My 4 year old daughter is a huge Disney fan and while her favorite Disney princess is Elsa by far (we can't go a day without it being on the TV at some point), Belle is most definitely her second-favorite. She was absolutely overjoyed to get this create your own floral princess crown craft kit. While the recommended age group is 6 years and up, my 4 year old was able to complete the craft without too much help from me and her 15 year old sister and she is so proud of the crown now that it's been completed. She has this little silk pillow she's displaying it on that's sitting on her dresser when she's not wearing it. While it may seem like a bit high of a price for what it is, the materials are actual of pretty good quality and the crown really does look very pretty. She absolutely loves it. The fact it wasn't just handed to her and she had to put some work into making it makes it all that much more special to her. Definitely recommend for any little Belle fans in the house, especially if they like to craft.

Wow, the package is a lot bigger than I'd expected it to be. It's full of supplies so there's almost enough to make two or have some left over craft bits for other projects. It allows them to pick and choose how they want to decorate rather than have to do it one certain way. I can see why too; ours doesn't look nearly as nice as the example photo. ;) But it was made with fun and pride. This will keep a child busy well over an hour to make it. Then they can enjoy wearing it after. It's a fun idea for birthdays, before or during trips to Disney parks (something to do back at the hotel), or just for fun. Belle/Beauty and the Beast is so popular so it's sure to be a hit with any Disney Princess fan. It's not exclusively Disney either so girls that love to play castle or go to renaissance fairs would love it too.

This is a very high quality craft!

The crown that you Beauty and the Beast fan creates will be big, bold, and beautiful. The kit includes everything you need and instructions are easy to follow. (Note that instructions are basic - much of this is your child's own creativity!) The resident nine year old did everything on her own. My only job was to admire the results.

Surprising to me, my daughter found this comfortable to wear. Often crowns like this get irritating after wearing just a short while.

Is this long term fun? Not really, though it's good for dress up and pretend play for a bit. But it's a good indoor craft and the results were lovely.

My niece and I made this together so she could wear it to my daughters wedding. She LOVED it. I think at 6, it might have been hard for her to do it by herself, but together we did a great job and had fun too.

The finished crown is beautiful and she was ecstatic to wear it while she was flower girl at the wedding. And she has a forever keepsake as well, although she told me she's going to keep wearing it. LOL

Great activity kit and recommended.

This is a beautiful kit.
I hesitated to get it bc the pictures made the flowers look cheap.
Understand, I know they are "silk" & it's a child's toy but I'm.not getting less than the best for my Bella.

I'm pleasantly surprised this a kit.
The flowers are pretty.
The ribbon is beautiful & decorative.
And there is glitter. All girls must have glitter.

Don't hesitate.
It's a beautiful treat for the princess in your life.

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