Wondrous Curiosities Adult Coloring Book -- Large (8.62 x 11.75 inches)

Wondrous Curiosities Adult Coloring Book -- Large (8.62 x 11.75 inches)

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Comments / reviews:
Absolutely lovely coloring book. The paper is high quality. Top spiral bound great for left or right handed users. Includes a heavy plastic shield to place between pages to prevent denting of next page or possible bleed through. Though the heavy paper should prevent most bleed through. The designs are varied so there is something for everyone.

Great pictures to color. Love the spiral hard binder so that I can take it anywhere with me and the pages will not get all bent and out of shape.

So beautiful. I love the face that you have a full picture to color and then a snapshot to follow to share or to color again. Really great. The spiral bound being on the top of the book is perfect so you are not trying to color in the binding, which is difficult.

Brilliant coloring book!!! THIS is how Adult Coloring books should all be made! Nice thick paper for marker coloring, spiral bound, single sided. Love all of these types of coloring books! Great for gifts!

I love this book ... high quality paper, excellent drawings, wide variety of pictures. Strongly recommend it to anyone who loves to color.

I own several other coloring books from this artist and have never been disappointed! So far my favorite pages from this book include the octopus, the sea turtles and the jellyfish! The publishing company has done an excellent job as well placing the spiral at the top and utilizing quality paper. I can't wait to get started!

I absolutely love your coloring books! I have ordered others but I just don’t like them as much as yours! They are on quality paper, beautiful drawings and they are the perfect size! Please print more!!

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