Math Mosaics: Add. Adventure

Math Mosaics: Add. Adventure

These mathematical treasure hunts help kids practice simple arithmetic equations. Use the answers to plot a course North, South, East and West on a map, leading young explorers on an exciting path to learning-and a pot of gold, a secret message or a missing pet lizard. Addition Adventures has 30 exercises with solutions. 44 pages. Reproducible.

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this book for my kindergartner. The format is 2 + ___ = 7, which makes it a tad more difficult than traditional addition problems. But, we are able to work on addition skills, plus cardinal directions (N, E, S, W). Good for skill building.

Not perfect, but this book did make it a little easier for my first grade daughter to practice her addition skills. Each page has a puzzle that can only be solved by doing addition problems. You start with four or five objects and wonder which one you should be searching for. For instance, which of these fish will swim to the ocean. After each problem, you draw a line on a grid so many spaces. Once you finish all the problems, your lines show you which fish is the one you have been searching for. I suppose I might find these exercises a little dull, but, for a first grader, they are quite good.

This is such a fun way to get kids to enjoy practicing addition facts - while practicing map-reading skills! All three of my kids who are old enough to do addition have really enjoyed this book.

My 6 year old calls this book "pretty cool" and "awesome." It's not really addition because it is set up like "6+___ = 8" but it is really good reinforcement of basic math skills in a format that kids like. I showed it to my son this morning and he did one page on his own while I thought he was playing. I wish there was another addition book in the series but I will be getting subtraction adventures next.

We're a homeschooling family - we use this as practice for my Kindergartener before actual curriculum. The worksheets help with problem-solving speed and he loves the grid maze & enjoys guessing where the line is going to end up. Also have the Subtraction Secrets book for my second grader and will have to check out other books from this line as they get older.

My son was not liking too much his math homework (2nd grade). This exercise book is the opposite. At the beginning the usual complains, but once he did the first one, he enjoyed it and started doing several ones without pushing him, just challenging.
I think this is a VALUABLE EDUCATIONAL TOOL many schools should use...
He has also the "Subtraction Secrets" which he has not yet started. If this has the same results, I will buy the "Multiplication Mosaics" and the "Division Designs" once he gets there, and maybe the other ones on logic...

Fun! These are a great, fun way to practice addition and mapping skills. My second grader loves them and begs to do them! I love that on everypage they solve math problems to find the clues to the mysteries. So fun! They make a subtraction adventures book that is great, too.

My 6 year old son can do these quite easily and the challenge is following the route for my son which is good for map work!

It says addition, but the problems are not straightforward addition. All of the problems have the following format: 4 + _ = 13. I think this is pretty hard for someone just learning to add, but a fun way for maybe 1st and 2nd graders to practice addition.

My daughter hates math, but loves working these puzzles. My devious plan to get her to practice more has worked!

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