Tech 4 Kids Gemmies Design Studio

Tech 4 Kids Gemmies Design Studio

Get ready to clip, connect, and create!! use shimmering gemmies crystals to create 3D collectibles! let your imagination help you design all kinds of fun creations.

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I really like this product. The gem tool makes it very easy to clip beads onto the rings, and it didn't take my daughter very long to be able to snap together some of the creations on the front of the package. I only needed to step in at one point to help her take the creation from a flat grouping of rings to the 3D shape of the fish. Even at that, once she understood how the template was to be followed, she ran with it and made another one by herself.

I like the resalable bag, but for us, the beads and rings went into an organizer to make life easier. We also took the creations apart afterwards, since for us, the fun is in the building. :)

We're looking forward to growing our collection!

Disclaimer - The product was given to me. The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any third party that provided the product.

My 6 year old daughter and I really enjoyed doing this together. She loved how they sparkled. We got a sample to try out and see how we liked them. While it was difficult at times for her fingers other times she got them on very easy and loved the fact we were making things together. She enjoyed it so much that her 9 year old brother decided he wanted to try. She enjoyed showing him how to build a turtle. Over all we had lots of fun.

I have purchased this for my girls age 11, 7 and 14. In my mind I figured the 11-year-old would help the seven-year-old and a 14-year-old body completely bored. WAS I WRONG!!!! It intrigue all three of them and also challenged their creative ability, in a good way! I highly recommend this if you have daughters. I truly enjoyed watching them use their creative juices.


My 11-year-old is not a designer but this toy absolutely sparked a new interest. She was able to set up the Gemmies station easily and the instructions were not complicated at all. I also liked the fact that there are supporting videos to help your little designer get on her way! We need more toys like these and less gaming technology where creativity is not present!

My 11 year old grand girl was so excited to get this, she plays with it daily, so it is entertaining. She really liked the hidden sliding drawer and the fact that she can store beads. This toy is Grandma approved and Grand Girl recommended.

My 13 year old daughter was very excited to give this product a try! We loved how the organizer fits all the pieces for easy storage. After figuring out how to build her creations she was on a roll. It does take some practice, but is well worth it because it made her feel like a real designer. She loved all the sparkly baubles she created and will continue to make more.

My niece has been bugging every adult about this since she played with it at a sleepover. I was worried that the pieces were to small and that it would be overly difficult for her and she'd lose interest quickly. She hasnt, and we had a plan before we began to create. We watched some youtube videos! It's like legos for the girly fashionista!!!

My 9 year old Grand daughter loved creating rings with this Gemmies, we had a great time and I got to seehow this makes them use their own creativity.

This game was so much fun for my daughter because it kept her busy in thinking of what she can make with it. She had been wanting this since it first came out and now once she seen it she jumped up of happiness.

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Welcome to the world of gemmies where you can design and make your very own crystal creations! all creations can snap together.
Welcome to the world of gemmies where you can design and make your very own crystal creations! all creations can snap together.