Crayola White Chalk 12 each

Crayola White Chalk 12 each

Crayola White Chalk 12 each

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Using the chalk to mark pieces of wood or metal, the chalk is not soft yet it marks well. It is great that a decent sticks of chalk are still made that will break into three pieces when used. .

This item arrived as described and works very well! All of the chalk sticks were intact upon opening and are very durable and hard to break. They are comfortable to write or draw with and and don't wear out as easily as some other chalk brands. This chalk would be perfect for the classroom or writing on chalkboards but also worked well as sidewalk chalk. The sticks aren't as thick as regular sidewalk chalk, allowing them to be the perfect size for outlining or making finer lines and lettering. The color is bright and consistent but still easily washes off of clothes, surfaces, and skin with water. It's nontoxic so I feel safe giving it to my kids, too, providing them with hours of fun! Great product.

Its chalk, its white.

Well its chalk :)

This chalk came in good condition and each package was filled to the top (no partial sticks) the chalk writes well and is true to color. It seems like it is made well and can be used for many different uses. I would certainly recommend this product to others.

My grandkids spend the weekends with me and I like to do creative projects with them. I purchased Crayola's White Chalk 12 count to aid in our weekend festivities. The package arrived quickly, with no damage, and ready to chalk the pavement into tic tac to's, cats, dogs, and even rainbows. We had the best time. No breaking chalk, like the cheap chalk companies make. Nope, the whole peice of chalk made it nice to draw. Even for an old lady like me.

After the first shipment was found to have some missing pieces, it was returned/reordered. I use it to mark cutout wood pieces for projects. This is nice, white, non-staining. It wipes off cleanly for finishing. Good stuff.

This is a good basic chalk, especially if you are using it to "prime" a new chalkboard. However, I don't think I'll buy it again now that my board is primed, as this chalk gives off A LOT of dust!

Pack of chalk was delivered unbroken. Writes great and cleans off easy. I'm so glade I found this product!

My ceramics teacher used to tell me that if I ever felt sad I should go out and buy a brand new box of crayons. I bought this chalk instead, but I guess it makes me feel a little happier anyways.

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Get inspired with the largest collection of Crayola washable sidewalk chalk in one big box! With so many colors to choose from, you will be bursting with new sidewalk chalk art ideas. Plus, you never have to worry about how to remove sidewalk chalk, water or rain will do the trick! The Ultimate
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Keeps dust to a minimum. Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk keeps dust to a minimum and is perfect for writing and drawing on blackboards. Set includes 12 white chalk sticks, size 3-3/16" x 3/8". Recommended for children ages 4 and up. AP Certified nontoxic.
Product DescriptionLow-dust chalk for use on most chalkboards. Makes clean, smooth lines and erases easily. Great for classrooms; can be used on most chalkboards.From the ManufacturerCrayola 12ct Anti Dust White Chalk
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Includes a 12-pack of colored chalk. Includes a 12-pack of white chalk. Includes an Eraser. Chalk colors include Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, and White!
Crayola Color Core Chalk features colorful center wrapped inside a white chalk stick. Add cool double-color effects to all your sidewalk art projects! In five washable, anti-roll Color Core Chalk Sticks.