Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages & Pencil Kit, Geometric Edition

Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Pages & Pencil Kit, Geometric Edition

Crayola Color Escapes are exclusive online offerings - not available in stores. They come in four all-in-one kits that include 12 Premium Coloring Pages, 12 Crayola Fine Line Markers and 50 Crayola Colored Pencils.

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Comments / reviews:
Great as a set! It's nice to have an all inclusive pack. The paper quality is good. The pencils and markers are Crayola quality.
Some of the designs are a bit too busy for me and too optical illusion-ish to make enjoyable. I like that the pictures are big and well printed, but on the downside these are pictures that you complete in more than one sitting.

Something to note: I ordered 2 different sets and neither one had a "Violet" colored pencil. Crayola did fix this issue when I wrote them about. They were great.

I really love to color, and when I found out that Crayola made these for adults, I had to buy one!

First off, I made sure to read other reviews before I decided to purchase this kit. I noticed a lot of people were complaining about how big these sheets are, and because of all the small details, took forever to color. For me, that's the best part! I wanted something that would take several hours, even days to complete! That makes the money I spent, well worth it, in of itself.

The paper is a nice thickness, that I can easily put in a frame. And the markers won't bleed through. I like that the markers are a brighter set than the normal skinny marker sets, and I love the variety of the colored pencils.

The only two negatives I have, are first: the box. I wish it was an actual hard box, not a sleeve and a tray type. I feel it won't last long, opening and losing it a lot.
Second: I wish it came with a pencil sharpener, it would have put this kit over the top!

I adore this set, mainly because the shapes are all geometric, with no flowers or animals at all. I usually find it very hard to come across adult coloring pages that are only geometric, so this is perfect!

I recommend this for all expert coloring needs!

Purchased as a Christmas gift. Individual has absolutely loved it! Great quality, fast shipping, cheap price!

I love them. The paper is thick so there is no bleed through. I have ordered all five styles. I hope they come up with more designs,

All three products were neatly packaged and eventually arrived on time. Each set of colouring tools are unique and interesting to use. It will take a while to use them all so there isn't much else to comment on for now.

Great value for colored pencils, markers and large individual prints for coloring. I would recommend any Crayola Escapes Coloring package. I know I will buy again. Would make a great gift!

Tons of hours of fun!!!

Love the size of the pages! The Crayola pencils aren't bad but I do prefer my Prismas!

More than I was looking for. Will be using this product with stroke patients at work..

Daughter loved it. She loves anything to do with art and this brings out the kid in her.

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