Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Dragons

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Dragons

Product Description

Estos poderosos dragones recorren los cielos volando, escalan las montañas más altas y se elevan desde la profundidad de los océanos. Son verdaderamente formidables. Usa las piezas de espuma adhesiva con escamas y los adhesivos animados FlipMotion para dar vida a estas bestias feroces que respiran fuego. Conviértete en el artesano medieval, en arqueólogo del cartón o en un aventurero que quiere decorar su cuarto. Encontrarás diversión y aventura siguiendo el camino que te marcan los números para encontrar los dragones escondidos.

From the Manufacturer

Introducing scales with shimmering leather textures for these fire breathing creatures. Create four magical sticky mosaic designs, follow the numbered pattern for easy to make craft projects.

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Comments / reviews:
My kids (8 year old boy and 5 year old girl) LOVE these sticky mosaics. They are easy enough for them to figure out and put together. The stickers are pretty small and require a little getting used to on the kids' part as to how to stick them down into the right spot, but once they got it, they didn't want to stop! The gem stickers are tiny. They do require some fine motor skills so I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone with children who are really young (not to mention the danger of very small children putting the tiny stickers and gems in their mouths). I originally got the Rainbow Magic kit for my daughter for Christmas. Both of my kids actually loved it and she ended up letting her big brother do a couple of hers. So I looked on amazon to see if they had any other kits and found many more options. My son picked this dragon one and he loves that it has the holographic stickers. When we opened it we noticed that some of the stickers were missing (literally just 4 tiny stickers). I wasn't sure if they give extras so I called the company (Orb Factory). They were so helpful and nice. They said there should be enough stickers because the kits are made to have a few extra stickers, but if the kids started it and figured out they didn't have enough to just call them and they would happily send me more. Great customer service that is greatly appreciated. My kids love doing these and I love that they have something to keep them quiet and busy and happy for a while on a Saturday morning that's not cartoons!

We bought this Sticky Mosaic for our grandson, age 6, for a rainy day craft. I thought he would maybe do one dragon per day at most. He completed two dragons, rather amazing for a boy who does not like to sit so long. The next day he finished the entire set of 4. He was proud of his Dragons, which are really nice! When his friend visited for the day, they really enjoyed making mosaics too. It was a perfect activity for two (each had their own mosaic to work on). The end product is pretty enough to display. So far, these kits have held the interest of grandkids age 9 years. I just have to ensure that I buy the intricate, more challenging level as they increase in age and dexterity.
Buying: I look at the box to determine level of difficulty and choose the kit with the most stick-on pieces, as the grandkids now require more advanced (smaller and more of the stick-on pieces for increased difficulty) projects.
For younger kids just starting they have the larger stick-on pieces, as explained in Product Information. We bought the "my first" mosaics when he was 5 (and granddaughters age 4 years).
You can click on the picture, look in the lower left-hand corner for the number of pieces to get an idea how challenging the project.
Negative Note: Our Dragon set lacked a few pieces in one color, and you can't really substitute colors so it remains unfinished. This is the only time that we've had this experience out of a dozen we've bought for three grandchildren.

Kept my 3 and 4 year olds entertained for about an hour. I started off by helping detach the stickers then they'd place them on the sheets. By the end they were doing it on their own. The stickers are smaller than I'd thought they'd be, but the kids' fingers didn't have any issues.

The kit is well made. You get four dragons. Both kids did their own in about an hour with me helping here and there. It is like a paint by numbers, but with raised foam stickers instead. The kids liked the sticker "scales". You get a chart showing you which sticker pattern goes with each number that the kids could follow. When done, you can affix hologram-type stickers to certain parts of the dragons like the head and wings.

You also get four stands and four hangers so the kids can decide if they want to hang or stand them up.

My kids are absolutely crazy about these! The only problem is that sometimes it is hard to tell one color sticker from another - if only they printed the number of the sticker on the back, it would be really helpful. My son started doing these when he was 3! I also wish they had even more stickers so they lasted longer.

My grandson loved these. Down side, they have a lot of small sticky backed pieces so be ready for a mess.

These were so much fun for my granddaughters. Good quality and the dinosaurs were large.

Awesome project for children. Looks great when completed. Would highly recommend!

I thought this would be a great crafty toy. My daughter and nephew love crafts and the crayola aisle just doesn't cut it sometimes. I purchased this dragon set for our 7 yr. old nephew and he really liked it. The templates look really cool when completed. He loves stickers so, sticker by numbers?? Oh yeah! I also purchased the Jewels set for my 6 yr. daughter and she loved it. These are so nice when completed you can hang them up in their bedrooms as art. My only complaint is they give you JUST enough stickers. You must be careful NOT to make mistakes because it seems they don't give you any extras...which is stupid since kids make mistakes!! Apparently, you can't buy them separately from the manufacturer either. I might have given this 5 stars if not for that. Regardless, it's a cool craft toy and I would buy again and will consider it for birthday gifts for other crafty kids. And today this is priced on Amazon for $9.95...DEAL...I paid $16.99!

Item was just as expected, the only reason I give 4 stars rather than 5 is because the sticker colors are not labeled, and my daughter and I both were challenged to figure out which stickers went with which number on the color chart, as the colors on the printed sheet did not exactly match the color of the actual stickers.

Purchased as a gift

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