Djeco Colored Sand Art Kit, Birds of Paradise

Djeco Colored Sand Art Kit, Birds of Paradise

The kit includes 12 colors of sand in individual containers, stickers to mark the sand containers, a pealing tool, 4 activity pieces and an instruction booklet. The theme is colorful birds. The variety of colors make the activity pieces really colorful and beautiful. Bright colors with earth tones give them a nice balance of colors. The kits are designed to be done in their boxes. Each box has a small hole in a corner for excess sand to be funneled back into the containers. The process is easy to do to get consistently good results. Place the desired activity piece in the box. Use the pealing tool to peal off the first location for the sand. Take the colored sand for that location and gently tap enough to cover the location on the activity piece. Tilt and tap the box to move excess sand to the bottom of the box. Position the sand container for that color near the hole and tap the sand to the hole and into the container.

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Comments / reviews:
And a little messy, but hey--it's sand!!!! Colored sand! Think paint-by-number meets sticker paper that you throw color sand on top!!! Too FUN! My kids loved this and it took everything in me not to hijack the project from them. The finish picture is stunning. This is great for 5yr olds or 10 yrs olds. The difference will come with how much you have to assist. One nifty little thing about this set is you pour the sand over the picture while it's in the box and there is a tiny hole in the corner of the box so you can pour the excess sand back into the jar. Worth every penny!

The kit comes with 4 different designs and I cannot believe how amazing these turn out. I tried these with my 4 and 7 year olds, and both were able to create awesome sand masterpieces. They were both able to spread the sand around appropriate areas and use the ingeniously designed box to clean it up, but I had to help remove the stickers from some of the small areas. It could get very tedious removing all those tiny little stickers, but it helped to see how nice they turn out. I would have been much more discouraged if I did all that work and they looked bad. I'm not sure how old a child would need to be to do this project without any help -- I would guess closer to 10 and with a lot of patience and great fine motor control. But if you're up for doing an art project with your kids, then I highly recommend these if you want a beautiful finished product at the end (and minimal mess!).

The pictures and colors are very pretty, yet there are a few drawbacks. The sand is very grainy, unpleasant to touch, not soft enough, like in other kits. The glue is very weak and such large-grain sand doesn't stick very well. The details on the pictures are very fine for such hard sand. The little papers are also hard to peel, and when using the attached spatula, sand from the adjacent parts comes off. Some boxes are hard to open, but on others the lids are simply glued to the box! I had to use a knife, the box broke and the sand was everywhere!

Yet the designs are very nice, so we will probably use sand from other kits on them. Sand art has been my 5-y.o.'s favorite craft for 2 years. We make cards for grandparents and friends' birthdays with them.

My 7 year-old daughter enjoyed doing this sand art project, and the finished project is nice. However, the sand can get all over the place if you are not careful. This is especially true when opening the little jars of sand. The caps are on very tight. My daughter tried to pull one off and the cap and sand went flying. Fortunately we were not on a carpet, so we were able to salvage enough of that sand color to complete the projects. When doing these projects, I open and close the sand containers.

The sand also tends to come off of the finished projects. Maybe a spray of some clear coat might help, but I have not tried this yet.

My kids have received these twice and they are wonderful. The sand is fun, everything is high quality and the pictures turn out super cute. I highly recommend this for kids of all ages. Mine are 5, 8 and 10 and all enjoy them.

We're always looking for artsy activities for our 3 year old. We've tried a lot of highly rated stuff on here, and have to say most have been failures. But this was a major success. The kit comes with four different birds, and each one takes around an hour to complete. At 3 years, this is the perfect toy for parent and child to work on together. Parent peels off the paper, and child adds the sand, spreads it around, cleans it off. In the end, you're left with a great-looking product that's worthy of hanging up on the wall.

My 6 year old daughter loves art and I am a neat freak. I struggled with giving her the opportunity to try different types of art with out making a huge mess or having a lot of supplies lying around. Djeco art sets are the answers to my problems. There are so many different options to choose from. My daughter has tried collage, lace coloring, origami, stamps, glitter and now sand art. It comes with all the supplies it cute boxes, easy to store and clean up. Best part of the kits is the hole in the corner to easily dump the sand back into the containers. Wish the lids were screw off...both my husband and I struggled to get them off.

Great Christmas gift for grandkids!

Beautiful set! Fast delivery!

This sand art kit was very fun and the designs are unique and pretty. The entire kit comes in a nifty reusable container and includes all the tools you need. However, this product received only four stars because the sand came in plastic tubs that were very difficult to open. Most had to be pried open. The glue is also somewhat weak, the sand can easily come off if touched too much. Overall, these are minor setbacks, however, and this is a good kit.

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