Rainbow Loom Finger Loom Party Pack

Rainbow Loom Finger Loom Party Pack

Official Rainbow Loom Finger Loom Party Pack, 9 Looms and enough bands for an entire party. Perfect item for sharing with friends.

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Comments / reviews:
awesome product, very well made. Great for bday parties, slumber parties or if you kids are like me that want it for all the different colors it has in it.

This was a Christmas gift for my 11-year-old granddaughter who is an enthusiastic loomer. She loves it and hopes to have a lot of fun with the party pack!

Gave some of these away the kids loved them great buy

Order for my 3 nieces.I even use a finger loom to make myself a bracelet and just love it!!!

Got at my sons request for Christmas. He loves it.

Ordered for my son, and it arrived as pictured.

These are Great and so cute

Kids love it!

I Love Them!

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New Rainbow Loom hook with metal tip and Mini Rainbow Loom. The back-side of this package contains an Anti-Counterfeit Secret Code to verify the authenticity of this Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kit.
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Latex free rubber bands for Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Bracelet.Includes: 600+ rubber bands & 24 C-clips.
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